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We’re in the middle of moving, and all of the trips up and down the stairs got me thinking about something that actually seems viable. I was imagining the best possible scenario for moving and I came up with the Duluth Moving Consortium, a gigantic group of people that could help each other move. Imaging how quickly and easily you could move your stuff if a group of 100-200 people all came to help. In a perfect world, enough would show up that each person could take one load down the stairs and the work would be done.

Sure, you might draw a bad load and end up with half a couch or mattress, but the next move might be a shoebox of CDs or a trashcan. And if you help, then others come to your aid when you need to move.

I just thought that with all of the moving going on in this town, this sort of cooperative just might have legs.

It’s so crazy, it might work.



about 12 years ago

Only problem I see with this is that most helpers expect to be "compensated" with pizza and refreshments after the move is over.  Feeding 100+ people could get awfully expensive!


about 12 years ago

Madison Wisconsin has 'hippy Christmas' once a year where anyone who wants to get rid of old furniture can put it out on the curb (free) and the students (and others) cruise the streets to furnish their apartments.  I think that would be cool to do on Labor Day weekend when all the students move in.  It would save the trip to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.


about 12 years ago

Reymoore: That's the beauty. After taking just one load down the stairs, no one would feel justified in demanding food or drink.


about 12 years ago

Can I move your jewelry?


about 11 years ago

There are a few weekends like 'hippy Christmas' in Duluth when school gets out in May. All the cast-off furniture and household items can be seen on many streets, boulevards, and alleys around UMD. There's a service that goes around and picks up the items too, or most of it just gets picked through by people passing by, or on garbage days.

Otherwise, I think a limited (a sign-up or barter) moving/chores group would be a good idea - same for painting, or roofing, etc.

Is anyone aware of a Duluth barter group? Years ago my old neighbor in Minneapolis was part of one, but I've not heard of any here in Duluth.

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