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Three Bigfoot Boogie passes

I’ve got three tickets to the Bigfoot Boogie that I’m wanting to sell. They are $25 in advance and $30 at the door, and I’m willing to sell them for $20 each. Contact me at adam @ if you’re interested, and we can set something up.

Hanging Posters

I’m looking to hang a poster to promote music gigs, and I’m working on a list of places to hit. Where do you notice posters hanging in town? In short, where are you standing when you notice posters?

Moving Day Group

We’re in the middle of moving, and all of the trips up and down the stairs got me thinking about something that actually seems viable. I was imagining the best possible scenario for moving and I came up with the Duluth Moving Consortium, a gigantic group of people that could help each other move. Imaging how quickly and easily you could move your stuff if a group of 100-200 people all came to help. In a perfect world, enough would show up that each person could take one load down the stairs and the work would be done.

Sure, you might draw a bad load and end up with half a couch or mattress, but the next move might be a shoebox of CDs or a trashcan. And if you help, then others come to your aid when you need to move.

I just thought that with all of the moving going on in this town, this sort of cooperative just might have legs.

It’s so crazy, it might work.

Any tips on choosing a Duluth lawyer?

We are having a rough time with Minnesota Care, and we need to appeal a decision they’ve made. It’s a big decision — a decision that has set a pretty bad precedent concerning Minnesota Care and PCIP — and we’d feel better making our argument with a lawyer on our side. Long story short, does anyone know a good lawyer who might have some experience dealing with medical insurance?

Fenced-in dog parks in Duluth

Are there any fenced-in parks around that are dog friendly? I just got tossed out of one that I found. We were playing, and the pooch was getting a good run, when someone came out of the church and told us that we were on private property. She was pretty nasty about it, as well. So I’m looking for a place to take our pup for off-leash running.

Side note: Church folk apparently don’t have to post private property signs. Also, they don’t like it when you point out that private church property could be considered an oxymoron.

Ukulele Carnival?

Anyone going to the Silver Creek Ukulele Carnival on Saturday? If so, I’d pay for half the gas if you let me ride along. I might even pay for all of the gas if I eat garlic on Friday night.

Anyone have a running car to sell?

We’re in desperate need of a cheap car. Nothing fancy — just something that runs and can be trusted to get us from point A to point B without too much heartbreak. We’d even be willing to rent something for a while until we can get something else.

So if you’ve got something laying around that you don’t really use, let’s talk. Feel free to contact me via email at adam @

Experienced tutor seeking new students

I hope posting this isn’t out of line, but my wife told me it was OK. If I’m breaking any rules, please let me know so that I can blame her.

I am an experienced tutor looking for students in the Duluth / Superior area. I have extensive experience with special needs children, especially those on the autism spectrum, as well as those students who just need a little extra help.

Busking in Duluth

I’ve been reading a lot about the possibilities of busking in Duluth, and I still can’t really tell what the verdict is. I went to the city site to see if there is actually a form or something, and I saw nothing.

So, is busking in town free of licensing? It seems to be the case, but I can’t be 100 percent sure.

Also, is the audition process something you must do? There was a lot of coverage of the “official” buskers, but I couldn’t see anything about whether they were the only people allowed to play on the street.

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