Beware: Attacking Otters in Duluth

attacking otter duluth mn attacking otter duluth

Beware of attacking otters in the Duluth area. There is at least one on the loose at Island Lake. Where there is one there has got to be more.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Anoka triathlete suffers 25 bites in otter attack in Island Lake near Duluth

otter attack


Michael Olson

about 12 years ago

Haha. Nice Photoshop on the 2nd image. The 3rd image is from the UK, our Otters are waaaay more chill... except when they aren't.


about 12 years ago

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...



about 12 years ago


Just like everyone thinks bats are rabid, now otters can be tooooooooo!!!!


about 12 years ago

Otters hold hands when they sleep. And, apparently, crave blood.

The Big E

about 12 years ago

My wife and I each independently thought of the strangest headline we'd read at that point.


about 12 years ago

Everyone who knows me, knows I am an otter lover.  This said, we must understand rabies knows no mammalian bias, it sees/prefers no color or fur type. But I think I would prefer an otter attack over a bat, a raccoon, or a pit bull any day.  Still,  I'll twist that little fuckers head off if it comes anywhere near.  What you really don't want is Heloderma Suspectum latching on.  Honest to Christ, I almost had that happen once, but he was a friendly little fella, and instead of throwing down a leg-removal inducing bite on me, as reward for not running over him on my bike, simply ran under a bush and hissed at me for the effort.


about 12 years ago

Is that Leo DiCaprio in the above image?


about 12 years ago

otters are smelly. trust.

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