Another post-flood trails update

Note: Please do not use trails if they are wet from today’s thunderstorm. See the link at the end of the post for info on trail work days.

There are a lot of trails open and ready for use, but some are still badly damaged. Here’s the latest report from Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Dept.:

Hartley Park: All trails open throughout the park.

Lester Park: All ski trails open and recently mowed. All multiple use trails (COGGS hiking/biking) are open. The hiking trails along lower Amity Creek remain closed until after the trail work days.

Piedmont Park: All ski trails open and recently mowed. All multiple use trails (COGGS/SHT biking/hiking) are open.

Congdon Park trails: The natural surface footpaths in Congdon Park, alongside both sides of Tischer Creek are open. The paved bike path is closed until further notice.

Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve: All trails open. The Amity Creek Trail is open, however, use caution as drainage is poor in that area.

Magney-Snively Park: The SHT through the park is open. Ski trails remain closed.

Park Point Nature Trail: The sandy trail to the end of Park Point is open and in good condition.

Grassy Point Trail: The boardwalked Grassy Point Trail is open and in good condition.

Western Waterfront Trail: Mostly open, however, use caution near Keene Creek where the railroad culvert washed out and took away portions of the trail.

Lakewalk: The Lakewalk is completely open.

The Superior Hiking Trail is open in Duluth except in the far western stretches in Mission Creek and Jay Cooke Park. Those sections remain closed until further notice.

Closed trails:
Irving Bike Path – closed until further notice
Kingsbury Creek Trails – closed until further notice
Mission Creek Trails – closed until further notice
Munger Trail – closed from Duluth to Carlton until further notice

The PDD Calendar is keeping tabs on all the volunteer opportunities for working to repair and maintain the trails. For an overview, select the Duluth Parks and Recreation tab.

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