North Shore picked by Yahoo as one of “10 great all-American road trips”

Not that 61 needs any more traffic, but it’s nice to see it get some recognition.

10 great all-American road trips



about 12 years ago

Water play?  Has anyone else caught a quick game of Wolleyball on the north shore yet?  I love it when someone who's probably never even been there writes the summary.  I had the same results when I called Apostle Islands hotline last summer, got advice on boating from someone who probably lives in Arizona but answers phones for the Nat'l Lakeshore. Leads me to conclude, we probably were the only ones to canoe the bottom of the Palisade Cliffs last summer, unless someone else speaks up.  It was ballsy as heck-fire.


about 12 years ago

It is a great drive. Lake Superior is world class!

Recognition-wise, there are probably only about 15 great American road trips so it's nice that we're not one of the lowest 5 not great road trips. By the way, driving across Oklahoma sucks.

I'm looking forward to coming through there next month. Unfortunately, it's rather inconvenient to drive around Lake Superior due to the 'Canada' issue. I'm going to go across the south and through the UP because that actually goes somewhere.

Stephenos LaFleur

about 12 years ago

This write up partially vindicates a solo day loop I drove from Duluth to Thunder Bay several years ago (I must admit, border customs did slightly disassemble/poke at my Audi for about an hour and a half when I told them [honestly] that I had drove to Canada for some pizza and scenery ... much to there dismay, I was not smuggling drugs, and my keychain whistle was not a marijuana pipe). Although cliche sounding by nature, "Highway 61 Revisited" and the Doors' "Strange Days" were great soundtracks for the adventure. Besides the summer traffic, a beautiful road trip opportunity.

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