PDD Shift: Kenspeckle Letterpress

Next up in our series of people at work, Rick Allen and Janelle Miller of the Kenspeckle Letterpress.

We interviewed Rick and Janelle while they were working to get pieces ready for their current show at Siivii’s Gallery in Canal Park.

Music: “Gone from Minnesota” by Loup-Garou.



about 12 years ago

This is great!  Kenspeckle Letterpress is an amazing trio of talent -- Rick, Marian and Janelle -- and the work they do is stunning. Books, cards, posters, prints... I'm glad to see them featured here.

Shy Nimitta

about 12 years ago

Oh, Brian, this is so lovely! Thank you so very much. What beautiful work...


about 12 years ago

Kenspeckle is the shit yall!  So psychedelic and natural...We saw the Rick do a presentation in GM, and the guy is very sweet and funny, he's one of my favorite Duluthians probably, next to Dylan.  But here's a case where I like the man and his art!


about 12 years ago

Rick Allen and Marian Lansky are damn talented, go check out their art work at Sivertson's Gallery down in Canal Park. I love the posters with the Duluth themes. "Paris of the North." Ha.


about 12 years ago

Lovely profile of a fantastic couple of artists--thanks for making this!

Mike Scholtz

about 12 years ago

These videos are neat. Super neat.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Janelle Miller also pops up in this video about Siiviis Gallery from the Entrepreneur Fund's "Be Strategic" series. (That's gallery owner Jan Silvertson in the still shot; Janelle appears 11 seconds into the video.)

Let's put Janelle in another video series called "Canal Park Moonlighters."

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