Homegrown 2012 Memories

Huge thanks to Walt Dizzo, the steering committee, all the volunteers, and the artists for making the 2012 version of Homegrown one of the best. Now, for the sake of recording history, please post your favorite moments from the week – the best shows, the best overheard comments, the most memorable moments…


Don Ness

about 10 years ago

A quick list to get things started:

1) Bradical Boombox at Tycoons to start the week of right.
2) The crowd singing along to Father Hennipen's closing "I like it in Duluth."
3) Turtles after-show party at Carmody.
4) Witnessing Rich Narum's week.
5) My favorite moment/show of the week was the final show for Duluth's most under-appreciated band - The Alrights.

There's so much more, but hopefully this will get the conversation going.


about 10 years ago

Todd Gremmel's rock opera today was AMAZING.


about 10 years ago

The Keep Aways cover of "Fight For Your Right" in honor of MCA.

Adam S

about 10 years ago

Agreed that Dizzo and Co. did an amazing job. This year was the most difficult to try and take a night off because each night had a great line-up. The scheduling was incredible.

My favorite moments:

- The Underwriters on Sunday
- Dead Guys at Carmody on Monday
- Aaron Gall's antics at Sacred Heart
- The energy at the Pagan during Portage was quintessential Homegrown
- Murder of Crows
- Freddy and the Tysonettes at Tycoons

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

I can't decide whether to sum it up with this ...

... or this ...


about 10 years ago

When Jesus showed up at Bratwurst to hand them a glass of red wine.


about 10 years ago

Indeed, thanks to Walt, Adam, the committee, volunteers and venues. I can't imagine how many behind the scenes SNAFUs there must be for something like this, but things seemed incredibly smooth for the amount of people out and about.

- I'd never seen Toby Thomas Churchill. Good stuff. And the Alrights were more than alright.

- After the packed RGC show, the breeze off Lake Superior never felt so good.

- The Homegrown art at the DAI was a nifty addition this year. Annie and Krista did a great job pulling that together.

- My kid still has his wristband on, and I'm sure it'll stay there until it rots off.
Start 'em young.


about 10 years ago

Brown Eye, Blue Eye and wet eye.

Barrett Chase

about 10 years ago

I second Baci. I've been speculating for a long time about when the second generation of Homegrown would take the stage. I'm unsure if it's happened before this, but if not Brown Eye Blue Eye was a powerful beginning.

Bull Feathers really blew me away on Sunday. I don't think anyone else in Duluth sounds like they do.

The sheer number of people out enjoying shows even early in the week. When people are crammed against each other on a Monday night, that's really something. It never eased up, either. I overheard someone saying they got the last parking spot in the Fitger's ramp on Wednesday night. I know that during Southwire, Tycoons was only letting people in when someone left.


about 10 years ago

Perhaps the best Homegrown yet. Great energy all week. No overt douchbagisms were seen. Great shows everywhere I went. A side note: the only reason Friday night rawker lost the kickball game to the Satuday night rollers is due to the absence of our star player Jerree Small. Wait till next year. PS: great set by the Bitter Spills

Hot Shot

about 10 years ago

The whole crowd fist pumping to "Like a Horse" with the Tisdales on Saturday.


about 10 years ago

Certainly seemed like a bunch of acts outgrew their venues. Not only did Southwire reach capacity, but Toby Churchill's show also was only letting people in when they left, and Carmody probably should have at some point.

Acts I hadn't seen before or new combinations that I like a lot included Dead Guys and Murder of Crows. Didn't make it out between Monday and Friday so missed a lot. Of course all the usual suspects rocked.

We might be into third generation now with Brown Eye Blue Eye. Excuse Me Princess (for example) has done pretty good by itself the last few years, and Presently Skyward looks set for a decent run. 

Only negatives: Wish Spin Collective got included in "The Guide," T-57 needs a bigger venue, they keep playing in pretty small spots, and while I suppose the crowds are a good indication of enthusiasm (which is all good) it got a little ridiculous at times. 

And cripes, did Matt Mobley clone himself or what? 

Good job, Homegrown staff and musicians, always a highlight of the year.


about 10 years ago

1. Standing with my wife outside of the backstage window of the Clyde, while Trampled by Turtles began their spare and riveting new hit, "Alone." (Also, their version of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" was a great tribute to Levon Helm)
2. The post-Retribution trolley ride.
3. Brown Eye, Blue Eye, Wet Eye (I'm with you, Baci).
4. The sweet soul music of James & Younger 
5. The vocal prowess of Ann Forsman of Look Down Moon (still under-appreciated, in my opinion).

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