Minnesota Northern Lights

I was fortunate enough to be up the North Shore Monday night near Grand Marais and caught an awesome Aurora Borealis Storm that was, dare I say, a Perfect Grand Marais Night. This art showing by Mother Nature was one that I would have thought I’d have to travel to northern Norway to witness. I have seen the Northern lights many times in the past, but this was pretty amazing, there were many moments over the course of 3 hours I had to duck as I thought they were gonna hit me. I probably should have been wearing a tin foil hat.


Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Hot stuff. Here's Douglas Kiesling's view from near Fergus Falls.

Cory Fechner

about 12 years ago

Here a super short time-lapse video I took from early in the night up the Gunflint trail. 60 images with 25 second exposures stitched into a 4 second time-lapse at 15 fps. 

25 minutes of shooting for a 4 second video clip.


about 12 years ago

Thank you, worth many many thousands of words.

Cory Fechner

about 12 years ago

The colors of the Aurora Borealis, which range from red to green to purple and blue, depend on altitude, atmospheric gases and the energy of the particles that make up the solar wind. Oxygen is responsible for green and red, the two main colors. Nitrogen causes blue and deep red. Green lights start at altitudes of about 75 to 110 miles. Red lights occur at altitudes higher than 75 miles; blue and violet occur mostly at lower altitudes.


about 12 years ago

Duluth had some okay views... but it was still pretty cloudy: (pics)

Spaceweather Spotter

Les F

about 12 years ago

Wow... I have been out there many times and only twice have I seen them.. both times it wasn't that awesome! Thanks!


about 12 years ago

Do you have any more video?  I have a project in mind that I would like some great Northern Lights MN video for.  Oh, and could I use the video for my project?  Kinda put the cart before the horse there, didn't I?  I think I need about a minute.  Maybe two.

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