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Burned out on politics? Give Duluth good energy.

Here is something to snap you out of the political backwash. The city of Duluth is starting a community visioning process that will help to establish a Local Energy Action Plan. This is your chance to get involved and help create a clear picture of how Duluth really wants to participate in the increasingly important subject of energy.

The first meeting is Monday, Sept. 17, 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Lake Superior College, Building S, Room 2964. This meeting will set the stage, so make it if you can. Otherwise look for a post about the new website that will explain the process and how good the energy was at the first meeting.

Duluth Flood – Postcard from the Future

My friend Peter Sinclair, who actually is the grandson of an Iron Ranger, has posted a special message about the Duluth Flood on his Climate Crocks web space. Very enlightening insight indeed, and the other Crocks will give you plenty of ammunition the next time your idiot brother in law shoots his mouth off. Be well.

Ted Nugent and Dogsledding

Reading of yet another rant by Nugent at a political rally (and an NRA gathering is a political rally) gave me a quick return to a recent trip. I spent my honeymoon in Quebec City early in January 2011. (Note: if you ever get the chance this is a great city to visit and is somewhat Duluthian in history and character.) But for a day trip my wife and I did a day long dogsled outing. We got to ride and have a driver slide us over the meadows and through the woods. It was quiet enough to carry on a conversation with the driver.

Is this Heaven?

Eight months or so ago I woke from my first nights stay in Duluth and slipped quietly down to the sand beach of Minnesota Point. Coffee in hand, sun gently coming up, and that now-familiar hum of the city in the background, I was excited to begin learning about my new hometown. And there in the wet sand, was etched “Is this Heaven?”

As a matter of fact I do earnestly believe in divine intervention and communication, and I took this message to me as a personal directive to find the answer to that question.

Eight months later I am still working on it. My heaven is not perfect, but it is generally a kind and gentle place. It is concerned for the weakest of inhabitants, and also for the Earth that we all share. For the most part it is clean and respectful and welcomes all.

I continue my quest to answer that question by joining the PDD community for what I believe to be some of the most important research of Duluth to date. Thanks for having me.