Dragon Port Co-operative Gaming Society

The name isn’t set in stone. It’s my vision for saving the game space currently occupied by Dragon Port Games & Comics.

Initially I had thought of buying Dragon Port, but, with a kid off to college in the fall, and after speaking to one of the owners on the subject, I know that I can’t finance enough to make it work alone. But there is power in community, and board, role-play and miniature games are communal endeavors. To me, this is a natural fit.

To that end, in a Hail Mary play to keep the place open, I am recruiting input and possible supporters to take some action before the end of the month. I have set up a Facebook page to that end. Though details are open to input and revision, my plan is based on the model set by the Whole Foods Co-op. Essentially a small retail space with member owners who finance the community space for play.

I am calling on anyone interested in voicing an opinion on this, and particularly anyone who feels strongly enough to to put up a loan (I estimate we could do a lot with 20 people willing to risk $1,000 each, but can manage with half that … and would obviously be happier with more).  I am meeting with at least a couple co-conspirators at Dragon Port on Tuesday at 6 p.m. to discuss the idea.

Co ops are powerful tools. They grant strength and reduce risk through numbers. They create community. If you are interested, join the FB group, and/or show up on Tuesday eve.


Thank you for your time.

Howard Hendrickson



about 6 years ago

You should think about starting a Kickstarter campaign. This way people could donate the money they want without worrying about the "what if." You can also add incentives to encourage the more active gamers to donate more. Good luck!!!

[email protected]

about 6 years ago

I loved this idea when I mentioned it a long time ago, when RG closed and DP was borne of the ashes. But real co-ops are hard, and they require commitment from multiple people. Are we ready for this?


about 6 years ago

Instead of a retail space, how about renting a multi-room apartment or house? On a month-to-month lease? Cheaper rent. Secure access.


about 6 years ago

Kickstarter is a good thought. I will suggest it on Tuesday. Not sure if we are ready. I am. As to a house or apartment, I think it presents problems with occupancy codes.


about 6 years ago

Fuck occupancy codes. What, the "renter" has a "party" once in a while where "more than one person" shows up? No such Duluth ordinances exist.

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