Minnesota All Hockey-Hair Team 2012

Duluth high-school hockey players did better than ever this year, with the Marshall Hilltoppers taking first place as a team!

Congratulations to Jared Kolquist of Hermantown at #9:

Congratulations to Dom Bergeland of Duluth East at #6:

Congratulations to Marshall coach Brendan Flaherty at #5:

With a leader like Flaherty, it’s no wonder those Marshall boys have the best hockey hair in the state:



about 12 years ago

Another brilliant assessment. 

Why are male high school athletes so awkward in front of the camera? I suspect it's because they are awkward in general.

(One day, when possible, I will post my full-on 1986 mullet when I played in the State Boys Basketball Tournament...we lost horribly to MPLS North.)


about 12 years ago

It's good, not quite as funny as last year, but I love the guy's deadpan assessment of hockey hair. Also, way more northland representation this year, so that is something to be, uh, proud of? Gotta love high school hockey in Minnesota, definitely a unique aspect of our state.


about 12 years ago

Meb.  Agreed not a funny but still a good effort.  I don't think anything will ever make me laugh more the "peroxide Jesus" comment from 2011.


about 12 years ago

#3's mullet is to die for.  And #2 TOTALLY has the Farrah Fawcett feathery/blowin' thing going.


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