Ian Thomas Alexy — “You Better Pray”



about 11 years ago

Ian Alexy is one of the greatest music talents to come out of Duluth in recent history. I  the DJ Mouse personally endorses him as being a true musical genius. 

I am very lucky to know him personally and call him my friend. I would like each and everyone to listen to his BIG track called " you better pray"! There are very few like him in his class and category. Music with almost magical properties of rejuvenation flows from his heart and guitar, and you should gift yourself the experience it to believe it.

He is destined for success. I can guarantee it...just the truth. What an inspiring friend. I can truly call Ian my inspiration for getting into the local music scene..be it in my own Caribbean way.
Dj Mouse!


about 11 years ago

I'll see you and raise you, DJMouse, by saying that the Hobos are a damned good rock outfit period.  I also want to be first to suggest, Bob Dylan wasn't a bad guitarist or singer or harpist.  And he still hasn't missed a note.


about 11 years ago

Fuck Bob Dylan.

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