Tree Free vs. Free Tree

The benefits of cutting your own — a seasonal question.

Although it’s not for everyone, one thing I love about the cut-your-own experience up north is that in theory it is available to anyone. We own our own land, which simplifies things. But the Superior National Forest offers tree cutting permits ($5 apiece) and anyone is free to go cut one for personal use.* Be sure to follow their guidelines, though.



about 12 years ago

There is almost nothing more fun than hunting down your own tree with your significant other, cutting it down, and then having her tell you it is not good enough and you need to cut a different one down.


about 12 years ago

There's a bunch around Lake Place Park.

Meredith Cornett

about 12 years ago

Yes, this approach can sometimes end in mass murder. They just don't look the same once they've been cut down. And then we reject them. I consider this to be ok under some circumstances, but not under the terms of a USFS Christmas tree permit.

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