This is what a feminist looks like:

Now that I have your attention, what struck me as odd about the original objections to Marc Gartman’s Ween post was how the comments were so out-of-context and un-community in nature. I did see the “bigger boobed” version, am familiar with Ween, and have a fairly well-honed ability to read and comprehend.

In other words, I saw the photo was clearly the cover art for the album by Ween that Gartman and friends would be covering in December. And most importantly, Gartman was asking the PDD community if anyone knew a videographer for their Ween experiment.

Out of 47 comments, only one pertained to Gartman’s request. When Chase & others encouraged dismayed commentators to investigate the history of the album cover, instead of doing so another thread began, rehashing the old comments. So a viscous cycle of communicating about what is objectionable VS artistic intent began again. Brought me back to Gore VS Zappa.

I don’t really know Gartman; he could be a misogynistic one who fucks (see Lundgren, I did read your comment). What I do know is that he does not force Jerree Small to dress as Wonder Woman and gyrate when Coyote performs live. Nor was he asking for strippers to perform in a video. He stated his artistic project & asked for assistance.

I’m glad PDD gives everyone a voice, but really I’m more of an action kind of gal. In other words Emmadog, Carla & others, what do you do in your community to make the world better for girls & women ?

At the heart of PDD is a community of people reaching out to enlighten, entertain, assist and inform. But do we really need to censor others and bitch when we don’t get our way? If you’re going to do the talk, then do the walk. If you are going to bitch, then show me how you are making a change. I will post possible projects, courses of action, in the comments, but I’d really like to hear from PDDers.



about 12 years ago

Discussing whether art is objectionable is like arguing about whether water is enjoyable.

Bad Cat!

about 12 years ago

I'm still digesting your great points, so I'll comment on that later.
All I know right now is that you totally need to submit your uber-cute photo to Superheroes are for girls, too!


about 12 years ago

Wow, another thread on this.  Now the women are being called out.  Who really cares about an album cover?  Did you see the other one on here with the dead and bound child?  Isn't that worse than showing a woman's body?

At my job there is only 3 men and about 30 women.  In colleges women outnumber men, women are finally breaking the glass ceiling, and most books on education will tell you that education today is based on how girls learn and boys are being left behind.  (Gender Matters and Boy's Adrift)

Things are not so bad for women out there. As Denis Leary once said, "Life sucks get a F#@$'n helmet."


about 12 years ago

I, for one, am completely and utterly aghast at the fact that nobody has commented on how they parade images of The Statue of David in front of children in school.

I mean, these are kids people, they should not be exposed to the horror that is human anatomy. They should only view people covered completely by black garments and only allow their eyes exposed.

about 12 years ago

Burqas, dude...burqas.

Bad Cat!

about 12 years ago

Endion, did you even read what she wrote above?!? She's commenting on how people made a big deal about the image, but no one actually stepped up to respond to the post.

Take a moment, read Purple's post, then come back and take your foot out of your mouth.

Rand McNally

about 12 years ago

Age of consent in 1920?  Ten years old.


about 12 years ago

Okay, here's an idea:

Anybody watch this the other night on OWN?  It was absolutely fascinating and disturbing, as a girl and as the mother of a girl.  So let's set up a community viewing with a panel.  I'd be willing to coordinate something like that, if someone wants to volunteer space.  Any interest in such a thing?


about 12 years ago


The White House Project, a group that trains women to serve in elected office is hosting Miss Represented at the Zinema November 12.  Here's the link on facebook:


about 12 years ago

Yes, I read her post and got a headache trying to understand the last thread on this.  

I didn't think it was worth creating another thread on the subject and I wasn't just talking to the original poster.

How does one messed up thread validate creating another one trying to clarify a point that was off base to begin with?

I read the end and saw that she was calling some women out to put themselves behind their posts. If that was the case in all of the posts no one would post here anymore. 

Who cares about any of this? I probably should have kept my mouth shut I get it.

Sorry for trying to make sense of something that obviously makes no sense.


about 12 years ago

Ween is serious business.


about 12 years ago

Just because there is a keyboard in front of you does not mean you have to comment on everything you read. Especially when you admit to not understand what it is you have read. If you don't care about it (ellipse abuse alert!)... then .. well... find something else that you do care about. Win win.


about 12 years ago

Thanks Edgeway.. Ditto.


about 12 years ago

Endion, I actually expected that I'd have more "not again!" type comments like yours. And I'm glad that you posted. "Who cares about this stuff?" I do. Looks like Jessige, Bad Cat, Moose Tracks and the Duluth branch of the White House Project also care "about this stuff." I believe Carla "cares about this stuff."

My post is the result of working through my reactions to Emmadog and others comments on Gartman's post, and why as a feminist I did not agree with their comments. 

To me, it comes down to the writer's intent. Honestly, when I first saw Gartman's post the picture shocked me and I had an "eww ... gross!" reaction. But as marketing goes, the photo worked. I read his post and understood why he used the photo (cover of the album he's performing). Then I didn't give it another thought, until Emmadog's comment.

Emmadog's and Caribu Runner's intent was to censor Gartman's use of the photo on PDD. Censorship pisses me off.

IMO, Carla's intent was to educate PDD about women being the "other" then say "shame on you PDD for falling for it." However, had she researched Ween's album cover she may have discovered that it was a parody of another album cover, where a male was "the other."

Carla's post did get me to think about the sexplotation of women. So I wrote this "call to action."


about 12 years ago

seriously Purple, quit bitching


about 12 years ago

Everyone wants to be an oppressed minority these days...


about 12 years ago

Are you the purple that I know or a different one? If you are different one, respond to me privately and I will tell you what I do.

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