Perfect Duluth Day

I love all weather … but today was a perfect Duluth day and I am glad to be alive!



about 12 years ago

too hot
straight up


about 12 years ago

Today is pretty damn perfect... though yesterday was really nice, it was a touch too hot for me.

Miles A Broad

about 12 years ago

And right now there's a perfectly nauseating burnt weenie tire smell permeating all of Lakeside and beyond. Maybe it's always been here, or maybe it was those three giant military transport vehicles shitting out 70,000 gallons of kerosene exhaust into an otherwise perfect night which makes trying to breathe a perfect shit sandwich, and so tomorrow will be a shit perfect day to get the hell away from here as far as I can get toward the setting sun and forget this ever happened.


about 12 years ago

I got kicked loose from jury duty after lunch yesterday, and wound up taking a spontaneous hike on the Split Rock loop with the T's dad.

Started at about 4, made it back to the truck at 8. No complaints from me!


about 12 years ago

The 10th and 11th rocked my weather world. But, I love, love , love it hot. 

Had a lot of fun on Saturday visiting various activity stops (there were plenty of free water stops as well) along the Lake Walk Festival, earning a free tasty ice cream cone, and viewing all the kids on the Mausoleum (which had just been featured in that Nat Geo photo on the 7th - funny it took the DNT nearly a week to repeat the story on the 13th), then onto the Harvest Festival, not to mention all the goodies at the Farmer's Market that morning. The roses in the rose garden were so lovely and fragrant as well.

More fun on Sunday up at Hawk's Ridge watching so many migrating birds.  The people/counters from Hawk Ridge were awesome answering questions and pointing out the various kinds of birds we were viewing overhead, as well as letting us really up-close-and-personal to each of the birds that were being caught and released. 

I highly recommend going this weekend if you missed it last (it actually goes on daily from 9-4), as this is supposed to be "Hawk Weekend." Bring your wallet if you want to adopt and actually release a bird. Fun stuff! Bring the kids too! Plus, that scenic view never disappoints, so bring your camera/video recorders, and binoculars/telescopes. So much to see!

Both days, after heating up all day in the sun, I made a visit to that glorious little waterfall at the Smilies for a refreshing swim and a nice water massage as I sat there wedged on the rocks of the falls. Mmm.

Grilled dinners, full moon, starry night skies, and the mozzies even left me alone as I had a fire after dinner each night with blow down branches from my yard and reveled in those warm evenings. Sunday night the Current even had a Jayhawks hour from 7-8. (online)

A pretty ideal weekend home playing Duluth tourist for me. If they could only all be that way (weather-wise)... *sigh*

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