Stolen Bass Guitar

Folks, please be on the lookout for a bass guitar that was taken during a burglary at my home recently. This bass is a viola-type, hollow body (think Paul McCartney, Hofner-type bass) painted green with a small spot on the back that was sanded down to the original wood. It was in a soft gig bag. I don’t have a picture, unfortunately, but really you can’t miss this if you see it. Very high sentimental value. If you happen to see it around please call the Duluth Police Department, or call me at 341-8175.

Anybody else notice a high amount of burglaries in Duluth lately? It seems that a lot of people I tell about this has a similar story of being burglarized recently.

Tony Derrick



about 13 years ago


Thanks for bringing this up. I caught someone recently opening my sliding back door. They ran off. Later learned the neighbors two houses over were robbed that night. On high alert in the Chester Park neighborhood. 

I have a hunch there's a lawn mowing service as a front for casing properties. Has anyone ever heard of this type of thing?


about 13 years ago

That suxx Tony. I will put my eagle eye out for it. I still look for the two I lost, so I will add yours to my list of MIA. Was there a brand on the headstock? -Bob


about 13 years ago

What a bad trend!  I keep seeing postings for stolen items.  Maybe it's a reflection of the economic times?  Regardless, it's a bummer that people think they can fix or improve their own situations by victimizing others.  I hope you recover your guitar, and I hope the recently stolen bikes (including that fancy motorcycle) are recovered too.  I'll certainly keep my eyes open.


about 13 years ago

No, there isn't a brand name on the headstock. I'm fairly certain the bass had been modified over the years with a new neck/headstock. I'm pretty sure this was a late 60's/eary 70's Japanese Hofner look-alike. Nervertheless, it's a fun bass to play and was a gift from an old friend. 

Among other things (TV, cordless drill)the burglar(s) took off with my kids' piggy banks that had been filled over the past year with allowance/birthday/Christmas money. JERKS!

My family had just returned from vacation Sunday night to find our house had been broken into so I can't really say what time of day this occurred, but judging from stories I've heard many are happening in broad daylight.


about 13 years ago

That sucks.  I'm so sorry, dude.  You might want to check in with Waabi at Rosewood music, the guys at Music-Go-Round and other likely places someone might go to sell it.  Unlikely someone lame enough to steal kids piggy banks is cool enough to play such a groovy instrument.

Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

According to, there have been 219 burglaries in the area since June 1. (This doesn't include Superior.)

Andrew O

about 13 years ago

Make sure you watch Ebay too, that is the new home for selling stolen merch.  219 since June, jeez...  In my Econ History class there was this great graph that showed economies and crime rates.  It is true that when the economy goes down crime goes up.  I had a friend a few years ago who had his car stolen and they found it in a driveway with the tires off.  The police said there was nothing they could do, which I found a bit unsettling.  Then you read there were 500 police in on that pot bust in Ashland... 


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