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I recently moved out of a property that was managed by Eagle Hill Development. After I moved, I received an invoice that listed what was going to be deducted from my security deposit. However, many of the deductions were for ambiguous things such as “repairs” without any explanation of what the repairs were.

They provided a number that we could call if we had any questions. Unfortunately, after three voicemail messages and six calls over the span of three weeks, I have received no response of any kind whatsoever.

This behavior is very characteristic of what I experienced when I was renting from them. If we had an issue/question of any kind, it took them days and sometimes weeks to respond. My question is: Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with this company?

My patience is wearing very thin at this point and I just want the money they owe me which, as of now, has still not been sent to me (over a month after I moved out). Please help. I am tired of being taken advantage of by these people.



about 13 years ago


At the end of the tenancy, a landlord must return a tenant's security deposit plus simple, non-compounded interest, (139) or give the tenant a written explanation as to why the deposit (or any part of the deposit) will not be returned. The landlord must do this within 21 days after the day the tenancy ends, provided that the tenant has given the landlord a forwarding address. If a tenant has to leave because the building is condemned, the landlord must return the deposit within five days after the tenant leaves, and after receipt of the tenant's new address or delivery instructions (unless the condemnation was due to the tenant's willful, malicious or irresponsible conduct). (140) 

If the landlord does not return the deposit or return an explanation in the time allowed, the landlord must pay the tenant a penalty equal to the amount withheld and interest and also pay the tenant the amount of the deposit and interest wrongfully withheld. (141) 

Minnesota law allows a landlord to withhold from a security deposit only the amount necessary for unpaid rent (142), damages to the rental unit beyond ordinary wear and tear (143), or other money the tenant owes to the landlord under an agreement (e.g. water bills). (144) 

When a landlord's interest in the property ends (for example, because of death, foreclosure or contract for deed cancellation), the security deposit must be transferred to either the new owner or returned to the tenant. This must be done within 60 days after the current landlord's interest in the property ends or when the new landlord is required to return the security deposit under the rules discussed earlier, whichever is the earlier time. (145)

If a landlord does not return or transfer the deposit, the court may penalize the landlord $200 for each deposit not returned or transferred.

Or try for renter's or tenant's rights.


about 13 years ago

If you want to avoid filing a small claims suit, you can call the MN Attorney General (if MN ever reopens for business, that is).  We found their office to be very helpful in resolving an issue quickly.  Nogoodniks seem to pick up the pace when the MN Attorney General comes knocking.

Good luck!


about 13 years ago

They used to (and perhaps still) operate out of 7511 Grand Ave. Not sure if that might help you contact someone other than the person you've left messages for but if at all possible I would try to find out who owns Eagle Hill Development and contact them.


about 13 years ago

They did the same thing to me and my 4 room mates. They are crooks.

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