Dark Winter Nights Vol II.

Has the summer heat possibility of it someday being warmer than 70 degrees been getting you down? I thought so, so why not think back to better months and come to my art exhibit of winter photographs this Friday?

The opening runs from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Duluth Photography Institute. 405 E Superior St. Or for those of you who do better with landmarks, halfway between the walk from Fitger’s to Carmody. I know you’ll be going to one or the other, so you might as well stop in and grab a free cup of cheap wine or good beer.

All the images were created in the dead of night on Zenith City streets and alleyways using World War II camera tech. Make it even more fun and turn the evening into a hip live-action version of “Where in Duluth?”. If you are thinking that “On the shore of Lake Superior!” will get you any points, you won’t.



about 11 years ago

Looks good. I will try to make it -- love b/w.

Sun Dog

about 11 years ago

That house, with "brick" tarpaper siding, is on 12th Avenue East between First Street and Second Street. It's one half block up from where the new Walgreen's is going in.


about 11 years ago

Please "live tweet" this event.

Lord Phosphorus

about 11 years ago

Duluth is the Winter at the End of the World. 
Cold Basalt and motionless darkness will triumph over jelly bean shops and smokeless bars... Perhaps not in your feeble lifetimes, but the temperature will drop and the hammer will fall... The Lake will take you and make you her exhaust fumes once again.


about 11 years ago

The Lord hath summarized our summer.  So it has been spoken.


about 11 years ago

Feh ... I laugh in the face of twenty below. I am the griller of ribeyes on NYE snowstorms, beer in hand and stegers on feet.

I picture pictographs on frozen lakes from snowshoes on ice mounds.

Sled runs and snowforts form at the urging of my shovel and spade.

Verily, I say that I am winter. Embrace it.

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