The Weird Thing

What is… The Weird Thing? It can be seen bobbing up and down in the water just off Duluth’s Lakewalk, between Fitger’s and the Vietnam Memorial. Could it be… the 125-year-old ruins of Duluth’s first breakwater wall? Spoiler Alert:

Yes. Two of these walls were built in the pre-canal days. I have dived the second one extensively, and I knew the first was close by somewhere… The Weird Thing is a piece that has come loose. As the video shows, it is still spiked down at one end, allowing it to move up and down in the waves as if on a hinge. Old cribbing like this comprises the building blocks of the outer harbor. Depth shown: 10-12 feet.


Tony D.

about 6 years ago

Great work, Auquaman! Here's a brief history of the historic outer harbor including said breakwater:

Tony D.

about 6 years ago

er, Aquaman,,,,

Robert Lillegard

about 6 years ago

Alligator-infested, no doubt.

Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 6 years ago

Nice, thanks! I am curious if you or anyone else had noticed a marked increase in the coating on rocks, slimy and gross in that part of Lake Superior and Brighton Beach area? Maybe I am remembering things with rose-colored glasses, but I swear just 10 years ago, those areas were crystal clear and not slippery with slime. Climate change related?!?

Jim Richardson

about 6 years ago

In my experience I'd say it comes and goes, with some years worse than others and some parts of the season worse than others. Some of it may have to do with fertilizer runoff and stuff? So I'm not sure how to judge and it wouldn't be scientific anyway, but in general I think you're right that increased temps will lead to more algae. The worst I ever saw it was a few years ago after heavy rains which is why I think runoff may be involved, and in that case it cleared up as summer progressed. Short version: not sure.

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