June 2011 Posts

First Lutheran Church Worship in Leif Erikson Park

Starting Sunday July 3, First Lutheran Church in Duluth celebrates 10 a.m. Sunday Worship in Leif Erikson Park. All are welcome! Park worship will be held during the months of July and August.

Mastodon meets Chef Ramsey

Okay, kiddies, I expect to see this at the WFC!

Teen zombies descend on Duluth

How did we not know about this???

Duluth News Tribune: Teen zombies descend on Duluth

Battle for Duluth

I heard this morning about World of Fourcraft which uses Foursquare as an engine for a giant game with teams trying to take over New York City.

So, fellow nerds, why don’t we have this for the Twin Ports? Anyone want to tackle this? Sounds like great fun! Imagine Cakeeaters battling marauding hordes of displaced Trojans. I mean, just the team names would be a hoot!

Charity Huot CD Release Party

Charity Huot CD Release Party, Community Celebration, and Ness Campaign Kick-Off

Pizza Luce
Today, June 30th @ 9:30 PM
$5 / 21+

-Join Charity Huot as she releases her 2nd Album “A New Beginning.” She will be joined by the musicians  on the Album: Summit Hill Band- Denise Guelker, Ryan Kimm, and Justin Korhonen.

-Toast to the success of Mayor Don Ness, his support for the arts, and help him kick off his campaign!

The Formal Age with Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses

Facebook Event

The Formal Age are a local indie rock band reminiscent of the Cars or the Hold Steady.   They are “new” band, but the members are all veteran players who have been a part of the scene since the late 90s.   They debuted at Homegrown under the name “A Team / B Team”.

Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses is a 6 piece “string band” that specializes in high-energy, modernized versions of old songs taken from Americana and Roots music along with a healthy dose of original music.

It should be a great show with lots of variety.

Lafayette Community Club Beach is apparently a superstar

Natural Resources Defense Council Ratings for a Selection of U. S. Popular Beaches

June Pipe Raffle Concert

A night of hip hop with Tez, Shatto, Texxas, Loc Da Realist, Rhymes Anonymous and DJ Risky Fingers — Thursday, June 30 at Legacy Glassworks.

A Winter Downpour and Three Song Sunday at Carmody

A Winter Downpour w/ Three Song Sunday | 07.01.11 @ Carmody Irish Pub

A Winter Downpour and Three Song Sunday are playing a free show this Friday at Carmody Irish Pub to aid in the celebrating of Ryan Dahlberg’s birthday. Ryan is the creator of the local music website the Duluth Scene. Music gets started at 9 p.m.

Where in Duluth?

Could be a trick question because of the traveling nature of the Professor’s merchandise. But even though the flames suggest some crazy zooming around town, this has been in the same place each time I saw it.

Vitta Pizza

A couple weeks ago, Vitta Pizza opened in Canal Park. It’s in the spot that Northern Lights Books used to be in, 307 Canal Park Drive. They cook the pizza in a wood-fired oven, and it’s pretty tasty.

Low on World Cafe, 2011

Duluth band Low is the guest on World Cafe, which airs on 103.3 FM KUMD weekdays from 3 to 5 p.m. The interview is part of the first hour of the program.

Head’s Up…

The Munger Trail is CLOSED between the Grand Ave./Co. Rd. 23 bridge and the 93rd. Ave. W. bridge.  Figured I’d save somebody the leg work.

Happy eighth birthday to us

PDD36MolinaSky PDD1Rhubarb PDD2Birthday PDD3KeepAways PDD4GreenMan OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PDD6ChrisMonroe PDD7Biodiesel PDD8Gartman PDD8Turtles PDD9VicariousHalloween PDD10Martha PDD11Snowboard PDD12Bergson OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PDD15Persch OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PDD17Maria PDD18TShirt PDD19MariaBoots PDD20ChrisPlys OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PDD22Sharyn PDD23OlYeller PDD24BadCat PDD25Geek PDD26Zra PDD27Squid PDD28Cachee PDD29Holden PDD30HipHopCandyShop PDD31Maria PDD32Lefty PDD33Paul PDD34PromWonderful PDD35DuluthSick

Perfect Duluth Day is eight years old today – Wednesday, June 29. We’ll be celebrating tonight at Burrito Union around 8:30ish. Stop on by. There will be a weird cake and an array of door prizes. (We’ll probably be out on the deck — space and weather permitting — so look there first. Find the people with cake on their lips.)

Also, yours truly (Paul Lundgren) will be a guest today on “The Local” with Christine Dean the Radio Queen, celebrating PDD’s birthday by playing songs with “Duluth” in the lyrics or title. That’s at 5 p.m. on 103.3 FM KUMD.

Thanks to Barrett and Starfire for starting this thing and to all you bloggers, cloggers and corn doggers who keep it going. We’re on a pace to hit 10,000 posts before the end of the year. That’s kind of something.

Chester Park Summer Concert Series 2011

Finally a Tuesday evening nice enough, and I can hear the band over in the bowl warming up from my deck.

City of Duluth Parks and Recreation, KQDS Radio and the Chester Bowl Improvement Club present the 29th annual Chester Creek Concert Series, Tuesday nights from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Chester Bowl Park. Admission is free.