Game Night at Collector’s Connection

Collector’s Connection used to be cramped, a place to stall while my wife wandered the mall. No longer! It’s become a destination. Last night, my wife and I played two games with a charming young couple of students and the Host, who did an excellent job of teaching us how to lose gracefully. The evening was free, though I bought a comic on the way out!

If only they had a cappuccino maker. I would have dropped $4 for a $2 cappuccino.

We played Fluxx and Settlers of Catan.

The games will continue, I’m told, Friday nights into the future: 5:30 for lessons, 6pm to start. While the Other Game Shop in town devotes Friday to Magic card tournaments, this is a welcome way to unwind on a Friday.

PS: Plan now for Free Comic Book Day!



about 13 years ago

It should be noted that the "other game shop" does have a board game night too.  It's just not on Fridays.  I'm happy that people are board gaming!

[email protected]

about 13 years ago

Ironic1, I'm a huge fan of the Other Gaming Shop -- I alphabetized all their comics for them.  For free.


Here's more on the Collector's group from the organizer, Bill:

 "We'd like to establish a place where people who enjoy board/non-tradable card/dice games meet once a week to play.  It is not a place to play gambling type games.  However, we will play classic games like Yahtzee, dominoes, rummy, cribbage, and backgammon to newer games like Cataan, Puerto Rico, Killer Bunnies, and Fluxx to name a few.  It will be a place where you can meet with people interested in the same, develop friendships, and be social.  Eventually, we'd like to see it grow in numbers and get to a point where we can change it from a Gaming Group to a Gaming Club."

I'll be back in future weeks -- how about you?

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

Awesome, thanks for sharing the info!


about 13 years ago

On a related note - My 10 year old just started getting into D&D - is there a youth friendly group playing that anywhere?

David Beard

about 13 years ago

Don't forget -- more games tonight [Friday], 5:30pm for lessons, 6:00 to jump right in!

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