Can’t Wait Until Homegrown the 13?

I know I’ve got everyone really pumped up about the new the Moon is Down EP This Machine, and you all can’t wait to come to the show at the Main Club and be one of the lucky 100 who get a free copy.  I’m getting so many requests for it now, that I decided to put ‘er up on Bandcamp early so you’s all can get a listen!

Go to  However, it will be expected that you learn all of the gang vocals for show participationationationing.  I’ve bought stock in Depends because you’re all gonna need to put on your diaper before you experience This Machine.

Guest Vocalists include Ben Butter, Anders Jefferson, Devon O’Shaughnessy, Mike Wilson, and Paul Daniel Trader,

Blood in, Blood out.

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about 12 years ago

Oh, great. Now the mail lady is in on it too?

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