What would you call it?

Hi PDD people. I teach journalism at UMD where a group of students is working on creating a news web site that will focus on telling community-focused stories from around Duluth. We’re brainstorming for the right name and I thought I’d throw it out there and see what ideas this group might come up with. In the past it’s been called Duluth Community News, but the students think that is weak. Suggestions? Once we’re up and running we’ll share our stories here on PDD and hopefully invite this community to help us discover other stories to tell.



about 14 years ago

Students at Winona State just launched Winona360 which sounds similar to your project. Duluth360?



about 14 years ago

Dull Youth Newsbuzz


about 14 years ago

D-Town Trollfag Blaarg Blaarg Blaarg

Delusion News

Port Town Northland Arrowhead of the Lakes Harbor News Stories About News.

Duluth Citizen's Blog

Stories by (near, on, in, under, next to) the Lake

I like the first one best.


about 14 years ago

Duluth Allegory: Speak with low voices and sit on big leather chairs with fine jackets and telling beards.

Observations Duluth: wear monocles with suspenders and carry large steampunk telescopes.

Old Saw Duluth: Show your piqued interest in the woods whilst in plaid.

Duluth Narrative: Give presentations as vhs-in-tv-cart renditions of a boring book tv-like monologue.

Tall Tales of Tuluth: Build a story-core type booth in Leif Erickson and invite locals to tell their stories. Make sure interviewer has never before been to Duluth.

Old Sock Drawer of Yarns: Duluth: Walk around meticulously discerning who came from who, and definitely being able to tell the finns, but not telling them much.

Shore Sketches: Record video of stories gathered around campfires, peer review writeups then review the tapes of the night in fast motion.


about 14 years ago

Ha ha, Winona 360, we could be Duluth-Super 270, because the other arc is just lake!


about 14 years ago

how about NVOL for "Nice view of lake" you see it in all apartment and home classifieds.


about 14 years ago




about 14 years ago

The Hills

Duluth Truth


Duluth New Tribune

Up the Down Staircase

This Duluth Life

Ashes of Duluth Flags

Bob Dylan Slept Here

Bob Dylan Didn't Sleep Here

Twin Ports Report

Twin Ports Retort

Superior Sentinel

Deep Water


about 14 years ago

This is why I love PDD. Thanks for all these ideas. Keep them coming, please.


about 14 years ago

How about Duluth Heat: it's the word on the street, baby.


about 14 years ago

I like the Duluth360 idea. Or... Duluth24/7 Or... Duluthpress  or...??? 
 Let us know and we'll be reading...


about 14 years ago

What Baci said.


about 14 years ago

Norwegian Riviera Newshaus 720

Fellas it's too rough to feed ya

Interstate Terminus Newscent...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Husker Duluth

Arrow Head-Trip Quotidian

In Range

Helvitis Koskinen's Amputee Colloquium


about 14 years ago

twin ports soapbox


about 14 years ago

The Hills Have Ears

Knife Fight With Words

I Am the Slow Dancing Story Blog


about 14 years ago

Gonk: "Let's call this co-operation"
Geefil: "No, let's call it Shirley."



about 14 years ago

The Duluth Insider


Best Kept Secret

The North Coaster



about 14 years ago

Berv, I say those two lines ALL THE TIME.


about 14 years ago

Out of Range


about 14 years ago

Port Town Tabloid


Arrowhead Industrialisti


about 14 years ago

Don't call me Shirley.


about 14 years ago

I like Baci's, too.


about 14 years ago



The Hillside Chronicles.


about 14 years ago

Tilttown Times
For Dulunatics Only
Dulunatic Talk


about 14 years ago

1. Most of these ideas are horrible, enough already.
2. If a class of college journalism students can't figure out a name for their website, we got problems.


about 14 years ago

Hey Admiral, I think it's called something like "community engagement." Even if the suggestions don't float your boat, the point is to spark the idea that whatever the final web site is called, it's meant to be a community resource (kinda like PDD). It's a good thing, even if the specific name ideas are horrible or jokes and such...


 A Great Newsblog on a Great Lake (ha!)

Water World Words

Warm News from a Cold Front

There's Snow News Like Good News

more...more....democracy is best served by more voices, not fewer.

To jhatcher:
The site sounds like a great addition to the local infosphere--looking forward to what your students come up with, whatever name you all settle on. Any likelihood of collaboration with UWS, Scholastica, Northland College,  Lake Superior College, Fond du Lac College, Mesabi Range Community College, etc. to get more wide coverage and harness all the young sled dogs in our local culture-sphere?


about 14 years ago

heh heh .. you said infosphere ... are those like boobies?


about 14 years ago

Yeah that was supposed to be a heart.  It works on Facebook.  Sorry.

What about "(place name) stories" using whichever place name you choose (Duluth, Twin Ports, Northland, Dusu, Up North, whatever).  I kind of hate "Twin Ports" and "Northland," but I also feel sorry for everyone who doesn't actually live in Duluth when I just say 'Duluth.'

jack seiler

about 14 years ago

How about Aeriel Views


about 14 years ago

It's Duluth, Dammit.

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