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My girlies dyeing eggs this year OUTDOORS!

My girlies dyeing eggs this year OUTDOORS!

We’ve been having an annual Easter Eve Egg Dyeing Party every year since I decided to participate more in my family rather than just attempt to finance it by working every Saturday.

This year was going to be an exception as we are waiting for our still overdue baby and having a bunch of folks over was just unworkable. But we still got to do something, just us, and I moved it outside to our great big Central Hillside picnic table (a housewarming present). The weather was fantastic, and we had more time and space to work as there was no fear of making a mess.

perfect-duluth-eggs2The girls have been making fun of me for being so vain about my own eggs, but I was proud of them so I made a picture to show you.  Mine are in the top row.  The middle “rainbow” one is my favorite.  I started with the yellow for a base and left it in for about five minutes.  Then I did MOST of it in orange for about 5 minutes, then red … get the picture.  In between “coats” I dried it for about 5 minutes which was enough because of the great fresh air and sunshine.  After red I got a little confused since I was trying to spell “Roy G Biv” backwards and in my head which proved too much of a stretch for this exercise. For next year I would welcome tips about how you all do your own eggs, it’s a fun creative art, and while I’m sorry we couldn’t do our party this year I’m glad we could broaden it, virtually anyway,  here in PDD land.

Tomorrow, as I’ve shared previously, we’ll have an Easter Egg Hunt and I would gladly donate these, but they use the plastic ones filled with candies, coins and trinkets and kids like that better, anyway.  There’s also a pancake breakfast and Easter worship celebration (for some of us it’s still about more than eggs and odd bunnies).  Come and join us if you please.   Either way,  Happy Easter everyone!  Love, JP



about 15 years ago

Great photos! Thanks for the post!

The Big E

about 15 years ago

My wife and our friend next door got inspired this year to try out homemade dyes.  So we got together with three families and experimented.  Tried coffee, turmeric, onion peels, beets, and various other colorful plant-based substances.  Of course I don't remember which ones worked best.  But it was pretty entertaining.


about 15 years ago

See if you can get some recipes/directions for me.  Sounds like fun

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