Maria Bamford is officially a freak

Former Duluthian Maria Bamford and her series of Target ads made AdWeek’s 30 freakiest ads of 2010.

From the AdWeek article:

“Has there been a weirder, more loony ad character from a major marketer in recent memory than Maria Bamford’s bat-shit-crazy, shopping-obsessed Christmas Lady from Wieden + Kennedy’s Target ads? Overzealous holiday shoppers are a common trope, but rarely are they as serial-killery as Bamford. You have to salute Target for taking the leap with her, not once but twice. Now, please make her go away.”

I thought the ads were great.

Also on the list, but apparently not quite as freaky as Maria:

A military-grade, fart-absorbing blanket that’ll save your marriage:

And a kid with a gusher for an eye.

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about 10 years ago

Maria is weirdly wonderful!


about 10 years ago

I think she is so funny. I didn't mind watching those ads with her in it. She is a bit insane, but that is why I love her in them.

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