Lady of the Lake Warhammer Tournament

I don’t play, but I know an opportunity for cool pictures when I see it. The Lady of the Lake Warhammer Tournament was held at Dragon Port Games and Comics Saturday.

Metal figurines, hand-painted.

Warhammer is a tabletop wargame using dozens of hand-painted metal figurines. Instead of using a board, the game uses artfully created dioramas; distance is measured using tape measures.

Gamers in Battle!

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Donny Krosch

about 13 years ago

Thanks for coming by and taking some photos of the tournament. A pretty low turnout with 12 people (last time had 22) but with 2 unexpected tournaments in the cities on the same day perhaps not so bad. 

A few of these pictures seem to be my Vampire Counts army being beat up on by a Lizardman Army. :)

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