Upset Duluth (Continued)

I was reading the DNT this morning and had to chuckle when I was reminded of Lundgren’s September post about upset Duluth resident photos showing up in the DNT on an approximately monthly basis. I am convinced of the conspiracy now. Who at the DNT is trying to spread negativity on the front pages?

Upset Duluth


Barrett Chase

about 7 years ago

It's not negativity they're spreading, so much as awesomeness.


about 7 years ago

Yeah, super-awesome. Even the dog gets in. This would make for a great 500-piece puzzle.


about 7 years ago

Agreed on the awesomeness, every time they post a picture like this I think of Lundgren's post.  Hilarious about the puzzle idea, just have to add a header on there for "Angry Duluth."

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Hey Gunns, we Duluthians don't get angry. We get upset.


about 7 years ago

Forgive me if this has been already mentioned, but you might enjoy the website Angry People in Local Newsprint.


about 7 years ago

Hahahahaha! Thank you, Steven.


about 7 years ago

That was the first thing I thought of this morning when I saw the paper, too!


about 7 years ago

They remind me of the Parisians marching upon Versailles in the fall of 1789. Just put a French flag in that guy in the front's hand, teach them how to sing "La Marsellaise" and there you go.


about 7 years ago

Tell him to keep his shirt on as well. The guy in the black hat behind Santa looks amused.


about 7 years ago

I think about 2 people might get your reference Claire.


about 7 years ago

Soory... French Revolution, Marie Antoinette (she of "Let them eat cake" fame, when told the people had no bread)


about 7 years ago

Duluth: where a messy dumpster is front-page, above the fold news.


about 7 years ago

All they need is the Who doing "We're Not Gonna Take It" as their theme song.

PS: Clair, some of us (more than 2 I hope) got your reference just fine.

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