A special primary election day message from the guy in Cotton who reminds us we’re all a bunch of toys

Yeah, this sign is from the 2008 election — and has been posted on PDD before — but it’s still up, and the “I told you so” has been added since then.

Whether you’re a toy or not, you still have the right to vote and bitch. You even have the right to not vote and still bitch. So take that for what it’s worth.

Sample ballot posted here.



about 14 years ago

Thanks for the post. I've never been able to read that sign and have never quite cared enough to pull over.  You've just satisfied a decades-long desire.


about 14 years ago

It does change every election or so...


about 14 years ago

What I can't understand about people like this is what exactly they're suggesting as the alternative.

Dr. Robert Chevalier

about 14 years ago

May the glistening chrome of the Borg Queen shine upon us all.


about 14 years ago

Anyone feeling courageous ... or maybe buzzed enough to travel down that famed driveway with me and meet that elusive freedom fighter?

Renee Kavon

about 8 years ago

The elusive freedom fighter, the whack job,  whatever you choose to call him is actually a decent, kind and intelligent man who uses his freedom of speech privilege to address issues that concern him.  I know him personally so I'm not  making assumptions. His kids in Ohio love him and his grandkids adore him. In fact, he is still close friends with his ex wife, whom he's been divorced from for many many years. Maybe I'm biased, after all, he IS my father.

Olivia Feierabend

about 8 years ago

Are even the smaller, quieter communities founded on traditionality and freethinking, now brainwashed enough to pretend that our government is completely honest, trustworthy, and has everyone's best interests at heart? Plus isn't it always the "crazy" guy in movies about the end of the world, a world attack, a tyrannical government, etc. who ends up being right about his warnings? While those that sneered and talked shit ended up sorry rather than safe? Lol just sayin'

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