St. Louis County Primary Election 2010 Sample Ballot

Some notes on the Aug. 10 Primary Election:

* This is an election in which you have to choose a party. You can’t, for example, vote for a Republican governor and a DFL congressman. On the partisan side of the ballot you have to vote for the same party in all races. That’s how it works, whether you like it or not.

* Your party choices are Republican, Democratic-Farmer-Labor and Independence. Yes, there are some candidates representing other parties — Constitution, Green, Ecology Democracy, Resource and Grassroots — but those candidates do not have any opposition within their parties and therefore move on to the General Election automatically.

* If you live in Duluth, you won’t see the County Commissioner races that are listed on the sample ballot — those are for districts outside of Duluth. Pretty much all of the Duluth-relevant nonpartisan county races have only two or one candidate, so you won’t get to vote on them until November. The exception is the Sixth District Court Judge 11 race, which has eight candidates.


Hon H. Stone

about 14 years ago

Anybody know anything about the Judicial candidates?


about 14 years ago

Where do I go to get an absentee ballot?


about 14 years ago

City Clerk's office in City Hall


about 14 years ago

Not intended as a partisan comment at all, but "Chip Cravaack" is quite the name, sounds like it needs an exclamation point after it and should be a warning exclaimed in the mountains just prior to dying in an avalanche. 

Now, for the partisan bit: anyone that has Michele Bachmann stump for them has serious association issues.


about 14 years ago

Kerc.  An absentee ballot can be obtained at the MN Secretary of State's web site.

And remember all:  The primary has been moved up!  August 10 is the primary.

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