Wet Basement Recommendation?

I posted a request for recommendations for replacement of a poured concrete porch stoop the other day.  Thanks for your input.

However, in talking to a couple guys who came to look at the leaky porch issue, it became clear that we probably need to look at various leaky basement issues all at once to do the fix the best way.  (We did get some input on a “cheap, BandAid-type fix” too, but we don’t think it will do the trick for long.)  I have one lead that looks pretty good so far but am looking for any recommendations that the PDD community might be willing to share regarding reliable contractors for basement waterproofing, associated excavating, basement/foundation wall repair, etc.   Your input and wisdom would be greatly appreciated!



about 14 years ago

nmjob: If your basement walls are caving in then you need major work, but if not you might analyze the situation and do some of the following. I am NOT a contractor, just have had a lot of experience with leaky basements. So these things are just my opinions.

I know that most basement moisture comes from improper drainage around the house.  Unless they fix the slope and re-direct the runoff you will continue to have problems. So before you dig up everything check where your water goes when it rains.  Hauling dirt in and building it up all around your foundation so water drains away from your house will help a lot.  Sometimes a simple trenching with a shovel to catch the water before it hits your house will do amazing things.  I am sure you have proper gutters and downspouts that get the water way away, but they are worth their weight in gold (ABC is great). Putting in another sump pump where you have the most water leaking in is also a good plan to keep the pressure off your walls.  And of course, get rid of any of those dirt planters that hold water like a sponge. 

I have had nearly 100% success drying out basements of two houses here in Duluth (and a few elsewhere) with these simple, albeit time consuming and a bit of physical labor, remedies. Good luck and beware of those contractors who promise you this and that.  Keep in mind that even if guaranteed they will have to dig your yard up again.  I have had estimates a couple years ago for the same work range from $4,500 to over $10,000 (major landscaping...big machinery ruining my trees, etc).  Nah.


about 14 years ago

We had some issues this spring and appear to have resolved them by doing two things: one, we got fully-enclosed window wells installed to replace our rickety old ones that were holding water and forcing it into the basement; two, we had a trench dug in the soggiest part of the yard/side without the sump. It's filled with drain tile and it goes out to the alley, guiding water away from the house.

We met all the people who wanted to wrap our basement, do this, do that, dig up trees, drill into the walls--they all seemed sketchy. We went completely with landscapers and have not had a drop of water come into the house, despite our very wet summer.

There's no panacea, but good luck finding the best fix for you.


about 14 years ago

I agree with Jude and Speechie.

ami stenseth

about 13 years ago

Hey speechie, can you give me some recommendations on landscapers to call to install drain tile in the yard? Also, my yard is flat and there is no alley to drain water into. Do you think that matters? Thanks.


about 13 years ago

I'll bring up my neighbor, Keegan @ Bella Terra landscaping.

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