Locally made art tiles?

Does anyone have any suggestions for local artists or galleries that sell ceramic tiles? I am looking for just a few to accent a new bathroom wall tiling project. I have seen Liz Siverston’s set of otters, moose, fox, and bear (very cute and colorful!), and there are some really neat ones at the Art Dock in DeWitt Seitz that are black and cream colored with birds. Is there anywhere else you suggest I look?



about 14 years ago

Talk to Karin Kramer. Not only does she make awesome ceramic stuff, she is super knowledgeable about tile art. Her studio is next to the Red Mug in Superior.


about 14 years ago

Thanks TimK. I will try to catch Karin at her studio. I visited her studio a few years ago. Her birch tree work would definitely make beautiful, permanent wall art.


about 14 years ago

There is a little shop next to Va Bene that has Italian-styled tiles.


about 14 years ago

Many tiles can be found here:



about 14 years ago

Yes, the Italian Pottery shop has wonderful imported tiles.  Antinio is the owner and a great guy.  Also North Shore Architure Minnesota is a antique store in Two Harbors specializing in reclaimed arch pieces.  Also..(too much info?) Glensheen has an Art fest every summer (check their web site) and a friend of mine bought some great tiles for a new kitchen she was doing from an artist from WI as I recall.  He had house numbers etc... nicely designed and would make wonderful statement for your project.


about 14 years ago

Karin's stuff is great, especially for funky-Duluth style.


about 14 years ago

Dave Lynas (who works with the art institute), he has some outdoor scenes on earthtone tiles that are subtle and detailed and great.  Also, You can't go wrong with Karin Kramer's big sunny colors!

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

The Glensheen event TopOfTheHillMan referenced is the Festival of Fine Art and Craft. It's August 14-15. Free.

Julie Zweifel

about 14 years ago

Dave and Karin's are great. Tonya Borgeson too at Snoodles - lots of great local artists.

Hi Paul. How's my fav groomsman doing?

What size and colors? I have an art studio with commercial tile cutters where you can make your own if interested with stable glazes ... High fired stoneware. Do you want them for home decorating? Depends on where you would put them on and what type you will need and strength.

Julie Zweifel

about 14 years ago

I'm a moron - bathroom I see now is where you want them - make sure the back is scored too, so they can adhere well:)

Mary-Ellen Latino

about 13 years ago

Do you ever make tiles for artists from their photos of their artwork?  I was just at an artisan fair where I saw some and would love to do that with my own art.

If so, price list please.  Thanks

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