Trampled By Turtles

Defaced poster at Chester Creek Café.



about 14 years ago

I have seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers do a sock show but I have not seen the Turtles do a pin show yet.


about 14 years ago

Full monty!!


about 14 years ago

It's not my fault!

little timmy

about 14 years ago

Yes sir, that's him.  The scary man on the right is the one who touched me on the bus.


about 14 years ago

Well, so far their Voodoo didn't work.  I did have a headache yesterday though... creepy.


about 14 years ago

Hey, I'm out of town, I didn't do it! But that is FUNNY AS HELL! Thanks for the laugh Starfire!!!!


about 14 years ago

I saw a different, unrelated poster with the same treatment not too long ago, over on Kenwood ave.  Just kids being wierd I think


about 14 years ago

I've seen the opposite sentiment on a few of the Homegrown posters- the "Less Cock" part has been carefully torn off.

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