Speaking of Winter Coats

What do you do with your winter coat if you go to a crowded bar to celebrate the New Year? Pile it onto the coat rack that’s built to hold six coats but is loaded up with twenty and ready to fall at any moment? Throw it on the floor in the corner and hope for the best? Keep it on and sweat like crazy? Leave it in the car and suffer through the walk?



about 13 years ago

Leave it in the car and suffer through the walk.


about 13 years ago

Skip the thick coat and wear layers of thin wool that can be tied around your waist.


about 13 years ago

Give the sound guy or bartender $5 to stow it.

Rubber Chicken

about 13 years ago

I used to shove my wallet in my back pocket and leave my jacket in the car.  This was back when I actually enjoyed going to crowded bars.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

I decided to leave my jacket in the car, but I had a flannel shirt on at the bar and it was way too hot in Quinlan's for that. So I put it on a pile of jackets in the corner by the band gear. At the end of the night, it was gone. I guess writing this post sealed the fate of the mighty red flannel.

We had some good times together. So long, old friend.

(My red flannel at the Shaky Ray in 2003.)


about 13 years ago

A story on This American Life the other week mentioned "Frakets," which are jackets that the frat party goers at Penn State wear to frat parties. They are cheap and/or ugly and are worn with the intention of being puked on, lost, etc. For kids that go to frat parties, not a bad idea!


about 13 years ago

RT's was way too hot and sweaty for my liking as well until I got a good seat and could take off both of my jackets (and keep them near me so they didn't get nabbed). I do that every New Year's Eve...dress for the usual uncrowded Duluth bar, only to pour sweat upon arrival.


about 13 years ago

Would it be too impractical for bars, the ones that aren't swank, to offer coat checking?


about 13 years ago

I wish there were more coat checks around here.  I also think there should be more valet parking around here.  Rather than a hindrance it become part of the fun (and cost) of the experience of going out, getting the coat and tipping the friendly coat check person, waiting for the car and tipping the friendly valet ...   

But people are too cheap/unpretentious/self-reliant to make any of those economically viable, except as a high-end perk for out-of-towner types who are freed from our many social inhibitions here in Duluth-Superior.  So you won't see it coming to old country buffet or the twins bar anytime soon ... but I could see it possibly working at some of the downtown places, and the hotels ... Teatro Zuccone/Zeitgiest comes to mind.  

We considered it at a place with limited parking and tons of whining about said issue where I was working once.  The insurance was prohibitively high, that and finding valets I could trust well enough.

Duluth Daily Photo

about 13 years ago

I was just talking about this this December  This is Duluth Minnesota!  If you can't have a coat check here...where can you?

I was pretty disappointed when I went to two fancy restaurants/parties this year and there was either no coat check, or a closet, but no one guarding the coats.

My daughter had her coat stolen about 10 years ago on Christmas Eve. Ever since that I am so careful. 

But it also looks kinda trashy/dumpy when you are go somewhere and halfway fancy and the owners of the place can't even spring for a coat check.

And, not like I have lots of money, but I would rather tip a someone a couple bucks for guarding my coat, which would add a little bit to the economy than purchase some junk.

We all make choices....so did we all choose to be too cheap and then the owners of fine establishments decided to nix the coat check?


about 13 years ago

When I'm at a bar or public venue, I keep my coat with me. That would totally suck having my coat stolen. And Paul, I am so sorry about your red flannel shirt, I remember you wearing it many a time around town. 

I remember a Sex & the City episode, when Carrie went to a party at a friend's apt wearing her prized Manolo (sp?) chi chi heels. The owner of the apt told everyone to leave their shoes inside the entrance to the apt and Carrie's shoes were stolen. now, THAT would totally suck.

Duluth Daily Photo

about 13 years ago

Yeah, I remember going to a school dance one time and we had to take our shoes off because it was in the gym and I was freaked that someone was going to steal my new shoes.


about 13 years ago

Any event that i've ever been to @ the ballroom up @ Greysolon has had a coat check.

You'd think that a class joint like the Blackwater would have one, no?


about 13 years ago

Still looking for a coat, long lost at Jayhawks Duluth show, about 10 (?) years ago.  Short-length wool, big zipper, dark-gray plaid Woolrich. Any leads?  No questions asked / no hard feelings.  $$$ Handsome reward! $$$


about 13 years ago

Buy local.  Made in Bayfield. 


And if you can't buy local at least buy Canadian.  They know something about staying warm.  Plus this is a cool new line of outdoor wear. 



about 13 years ago

I work in the apparel industry and thisis a new hot brand of outterwear.  Canadians must know something about staying warm?


Or you can buy local. Made in Bayfield, WI.  LOVE my coat from here!


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