Perfect Duluth Plaid Friday?


So I guess there’s a Plaid Friday thing in San Francisco to encourage shopping locally rather than in the big box stores on the evil Black Friday. I’m not much of a Christmas shopper myself, and don’t even plan to leave the house Friday, but I suppose most people are.

What businesses are you planning to support with your Christmas cash (er, plastic)? Can you think of any less-obvious spots? For example, it looks like two galleries are the original players behind Plaid Friday – I wouldn’t normally think about shopping at an art gallery.

Maybe a local shopping list, compiled from the comments, will be added to the PDD guides!



about 14 years ago

Its cheap,
they deliver 
and they wrap!

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

A local shopping list will be published on this site in mere hours.


about 14 years ago

Explorations, the toy store on Superior Street, wraps purchases free and validates parking for the Holiday ramp. They have great games, Playmobil, Webkinz, books, Legos, Klutz books, Schleich plastic animals and lots more. They had two coupons in the Sunday DNT Bentleyville insert. It's locally owned.


about 14 years ago

I just spent a few hours wandering the West End - Minnesota Surplus, the puzzle store, and Salvation Army. Christmas list DONE.


about 14 years ago

shameless semi-self promotion, for (local) art and prints


about 14 years ago

Dang it - you beat us to the punch.
We knew there would be good gift suggestions - we made a semi-official PDD Gift Guide post to get things started. Fill those comments up with suggestions.


about 14 years ago

quick!  let's try to guess everything paul was going to put on the local shopping list.

beverly, i almost always go to explorations (which my four-year-old calls "the crazy toy store") for kid birthdays.  not my own kids, but other kids.  the free wrapping is the best part, since i'm usually shopping on my way to the party.  i actually have guilt that i've never been to toys for keeps or j skylark, but i guess i'm a creature of habit.

almost all my 'local' shopping is downtown, which seems like a no-brainer, but i'm probably missing out on other places around town (and in superior!).

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