Duluth Skateboarders GTFO???

Can anyone shed light on this?



about 15 years ago

Are you asking for an explanation of "GTFO"? The first Google result would tell you it means "get the fuck out."

If you're asking for a deeper explanation of the ad, I think it speaks for itself: someone really hates skaters.


about 15 years ago

Does anyone know who? why?

Bad Cat!

about 15 years ago

What does the rest of the text say? Was this in DNT?


about 15 years ago

This was in the transistor.  Sorry for the small picture size.


about 15 years ago

Looks like the text says:

Nice Costume. What are you supposed to be? A talented & entrepreneurial young adult Duluth is looking to retain? GTFO.
We're Duluth * Skateboarders GTFO


about 15 years ago

I'm pretty sure it is a tongue-in-cheek joke by someone who DOES like skateboarders, presumably someone who works for the Transistor and is opposed to the ordinance cited by Paul. Would Adam like to confirm or deny?


about 15 years ago

yeah, I read it the same way as @ndy. Could well be a skateboarder who bought a little ad (or had the space donated by the Transistor). And, (as long as that is the right interpretation) thought it was well done.

Barrett Chase

about 15 years ago

It seems like a filler ad to me. Adam frequently uses the phrase on this site.

Examples here here here here...


about 15 years ago

I'm still waiting for "Part 2" of the insightful article on how a band can play in Duluth... 
Too bad the author wasn't named... 
Sums up the "Duluth Scene" perfectly...


about 15 years ago

Met a cat 2.5 months ago and he told me that skateboarders get kicked out of public areas (i.e. Canal Park, etc.) to a degree, in this town, and are frequently viewed as a public nuisance - by the public, cops and so on.  GTFO is their own internal reference to keep on boarding and doing what you love.  Whether you're hated or loved.


about 15 years ago

WTF, LOL.  GTFO, n00b.  Sk8 or D13!!


about 15 years ago

Ha! Yes, I thought the saaame thing.

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