Chip Stewart

Chip Stewart has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Thousands of people knew Chip and his wife Marcie as proprietors of the amazing Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe in the DeWitt-Seitz Building in Canal Park.

I don’t have any more details right now, but hopefully those will materialize as is possible. But what I can tell you is that Chip was a very great man who I first met in 1997 when I was working on a story as a freelance reporter. Amazing Grace was hosting a counter-rally when anti-gay freakshow activist Fr*d Ph*lps was coming to Duluth. And that was the beginning of many, many conversations. In 2004 he gave me the biggest business break that I never deserved when (despite owning a successful food service operation of his own) he allowed my little food stand to come in and sling some wienies during events at the Historic NorShor Theater, which he was hoping to revive at the time. Chip was a friend to many, many people. The bread, coffee and all the food at Amazing Grace is fantastic, he provided a great venue for live folk music in Duluth, and he also provided a great place for people to sit in a non-rushed atmosphere. One of his least heralded but possibly most important gifts to all of us was providing a safe and fun place for young people (and sober people) to gather, play cards, surf the net and socialize, there was nothing quite like it in Duluth before it opened, and it remains a one-of-a-kind institution with Chip’s fingerprints all over it. He gave big breaks to many more musicians, artists, waitresses, bakers, baristas and entrepreneurs than just me, dozens, maybe hundreds of people’s lives and careers were enhanced by contact with this man. I feel safe in saying that his impact on our community will reverberate not just for days and weeks, but for generations.

My heartfelt prayers go out to his wife Marcie and all of his family, and to the rest of us, his chosen family. May you rest in peace, my brother.

If someone has a good photo or two of Chip, please post it here or provide a link to where we can all see them.



about 15 years ago

This is sad news.  A great loss for Duluth. May his spirit live on at Amazing Grace, and may it continue to be one of Duluth's treasured spots in his absense.  Rest in peace, dear man.


about 15 years ago

I'm sitting in the Cafe right now enjoying the vibe and toasting Chip's memory with some dark roast.  I'll miss you Chip.


about 15 years ago

Rest in peace, Chip. You were a good man who brought  lot of joy and grace to Duluth.

Steve Ritchie

about 15 years ago

We miss you Chip.


about 15 years ago

very sad news may go down to Grace myself to bask in his memory as well.


about 15 years ago

Nice photo here:


about 15 years ago

It was announced respectfully at 'Duluth Does Woodstock' at Sacred Heart Music Center on Thursday night, 10/8/09, that Chip Stewart had died.  There was a ripple, moan and shock through the crowd from those of us who had not heard, myself included.  The Fish Heads covered Canned Heat's "Goin' On Up The Country" and dedicated it to Chip Stewart.  It was a wonderful performance and right on.  They did a great job.

Chip was a nice guy and he will be missed.  Blessings to he and his family,


about 15 years ago



about 15 years ago

Anyone who provides a decent, open venue for musicians in Duluth is a good person in my book. Many a famous and soon-to-be famous musician graced the Grace, and it was all this guy's doing. I never knew him personally, but I always respected him. These things unfortunately tend to happen in three's. Torr, Randy Jorgensen and now Chip Stewart. All originals in their own respect, yet related in their own individuality.


about 15 years ago

A unique guy, who will be missed. Peace be with you, Chip.

Mary K Tennis

about 15 years ago

There is a memorial gathering for Chip at Amazing Grace after his service tomorrow, at around 4:00.

Al Hunter

about 15 years ago

Miigwech, Thank you, Chip Stewart, for your kindness, your unconditional love & acceptance for all. You opened your place to poets, musicians, and good-hearted people. You will be missed. Condolences to Marcie, family and friends of the Amazing Grace.

Kim Curtis-Monson

about 15 years ago

I have known Chip since the mid 80s. I was also the one who announced his passing at the Sacred Heart and sang Goin Up The Country for Him. As the crowd was shocked it made me think of something he actually wrote to me a week before his death. He said, " it's weird, all things die. People, animals, insects, birds...and yet somehow when people here of someone dying, they are somehow it's not suppose to happen or something."  He wrote me some amazing stuff in our loving emails to one another. He was ready to go, but it's so damn hard for the rest of us to let that happen. We are sad, but there is his legacy, left here for us all.  It warms me to hear all these wonderful things folks are saying about him, but it is what I expected. He was a big man, who knew many people. He was the most honest man I knew. Full of love and  kindness , a kindered spirit to many a musician and poet. I am so proud to have been in his life. He always made room for another friend..Thank you Chipper...Kim

mary bue

about 15 years ago

i think chip was one of my very first "fans,"  giving me my first big gig 10 years ago and always encouraging me to take my little piano show on the road,  which i eventually did and loved.  a very supportive and kind man, indeed. i am very thankful to have been taken under his wing with him as both a boss (my first day as an amazing grace employee was the madness that was grandma's marathon when he said, "well, you want to start working here today?") and a friend. wish i could attend the service, but i will be sitting here across the country and sending love.

Wavy Davy

about 14 years ago

A year has passed now. I've heard that's a good time to detach and unleash that soul we miss. What a pal he was! ... most the time...

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