Is that grass on the roof of the new student union at UW-Superior?




about 15 years ago


about 15 years ago

That is taking "green" to a whole new level.

"Sustainable design principles will be included as part of the design process. Specifically, those principles that emphasize energy efficiency, long-term durability and maintenance, and long-term flexibility and adaptability are included. Since this project will involve a significant amount of demolition, the potential of recycling demolition waste will be investigated. Although certification of this building will not be sought, consultants are encouraged to use a sustainability measurement tool such as the LEED rating system."

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

The UW-Superior campus has changed a lot since I graduated in 1996. Rothwell Student Center wasn't so bad, but the fitness facilities were horrible back then and the library was a windowless cave. The new Wellness Center and remodeled Jim Dan Hill Library are fantastic.

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

Of course, the big question is: Will someone have to mow the roof at Yellowjacket Union?


about 15 years ago

They should go with goats, like Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in Door County (


about 15 years ago

Cheers to UWS. Hopefully the sod they laid down is native grasses and they won't have to water much (or mow).

The Target Center, Mpls City Hall, and Mpls downtown library all have green roofs now.  Hennepin County Medical Center is growing herbs on their roof for use in the cafeteria.

A new restaurant in New York City is growing all of the food they serve on their roof year-round (they have greenhouses). They don't give building permits in Singapore unless the building has a green roof and maybe even living walls.

A formerly crazy idea is becoming standard. Anybody know of any other green roofs or rooftop gardens planned in the area?

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

I think St. Louis County's parking garage has a green roof, but you can't see it from the street. 

Also, there's a garage on Park Point with a grassy roof that is quite noticeable from Minnesota Avenue.


about 15 years ago

This is great.  More green roofs and solar-panel roof shingles!

The Big E

about 15 years ago

Yeah, Paul, I was going to mention the Park Point one--my wife knows that woman tangentially.


about 15 years ago

@ schutz...sheep would be better. goats don't eat much grass when there are other things around. they do keep the trees trimmed up nicely, though.


about 14 years ago

The UU church in Duluth has a gree green roof and half of it is built into the hillside

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