Space Train will launch in three weeks, get your ticket to the stars

Thanks all for the Tang cocktail suggestions, now more on the main event:

The Sun

Friday, July 31
9pm to 1am

SPACE TRAIN with music by Tangier 57
$25 per person includes free adult drinks & dinner

Join live music from Tangier 57 as you set out on our rocket ship to the stars (well, just a train to look at stars, but use your imagination). We’ll launch at 9pm from the Depot, arrive at Larsmont beyond the lights of the city, disembark and stargaze with experts from the Arrowhead Astronomical Society, then return home by 1am. You’ll be served pizza (remember ‘the horta’ episode from the original Star Trek?) and two free drink tickets – wine, beer, and a special “tang tang” cocktail concoction courtesy  of PDD suggestions.

Call or email the Duluth Art Institute to get your tickets today – 218-733-7560 or [email protected]



about 15 years ago

I'm not getting tired of being "A MUTHAF$%#'IN' BAND ON A TRAIN!" This will be the culmination of so many interwoven parallel universes that we'll need a cosmic net rigger to sort it out. I'll tease you all by letting you know we've learned the Star Wars Cantina Band song...see you there!


about 15 years ago

Best dang gig of the year and I'm traveling in my spaceship in South America doing ethnomusicological research in the Andes--raise a Tang cocktail for me my friends--music-o-matic drives on warp power please!

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