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Adeline Wright is a multi-disciplinary artist, probably known by most for the work done at her hair salon. The distinctive building at 1132 E. Ninth St. was recently repainted, and a mural is being finished up along the side of the building. Changes and collaborations are happening inside the salon as well. There will be a Grand Reopening Celebration this Saturday, Aug. 3, from 4-7 p.m. Adeline gives us a preview and some more info on the updates.

I am currently creating in multiple ways though hair will always be my primary avenue of expression. What I have come to realize recently is that all of the creative endeavors in my life point clearly to one thing: My love of people is at the forefront of why I do what I do. As a visual artist (working in oils, acrylic, and spray paint) I lean toward portraiture as a means of understanding my relationships with the people around me and those in the broader human community. When I take digital photos, or form a collection of images, the photos and images are always of people. I really notice art that has humans or animals somehow included, even if indirectly. To me, sometimes flowers are also faces, or they represent something similar to how I feel about people. Also, as animals are sentient beings too, I don’t really separate them from humanity, though I only cut human hair, LOL! I have been relationship driven, portrait focused, and styling hair as long as I can remember.

My greatest challenge is battling crushing insecurity. I have become masterful at pretending it doesn’t exist. I am a caretaker and often struggle to uphold my boundaries. As a compassionate and generous person I have to walk a delicate balance between what my work is in this life and what it is not.

My rewards are truly un-countable! The most incredible people show up to participate in this beautiful project! I am regularly receiving positive feedback on how my care and attention are appreciated and honored by those who sit in my styling chair or on receiving guidance and/or art from me.

I am rewarded by having partnership both at home and work that supports me both physically and emotionally and that I can put my trust in. I am rewarded by the continuous growth and customer support of my business over the past 18 years.

What prompted the renovation was a clear end to my primary role as mother. My fabulous daughter is now off on her own, working soon in the Twin Cities metro area as a second-generation hair stylist. The prospect of her moving into young adulthood prompted me to reevaluate and to get clear about what I wanted to put my energy into. Thus, I decided this was the year of my recommitment to myself as an artist and as a collaborator with like-minded business owners including Voula Vintage, Peach Tattoo, Duluth Midwife and Siri Styles.

Christina Livadaros of Voula Vintage

Erica Pauline of Peach Tattoo

Examples of Erica Pauline’s phenomenal work

Marianne of Siri Styles

We are in phase # … next year there will be even more exciting news.

Also, on the east side of my building there is a huge new mural by St. Paul-based muralist John Grider. My husband and I have been big fans of his work for a long time, and last year I cold-messaged him over email and we spent a year getting clear about the project. I had no idea when I made the connection with John how powerfully meaningful the project was going to become. John showed me his plan based on my request that we do an anti-sulfide mining mural in solidarity with the water protectors who’re fighting to protect our region’s precious watersheds. John’s vision surpasses all of my expectations. I am so completely honored to work with him, and deepen the easy friendship and collaboration that is occurring as well as offer something meaningful and beautiful as people drive, walk, bike, or ride by.

John Grider admiring his hard days work

Earrings by Silver Cocoon, Elm Craft

I realized that I wanted to work in an environment that fostered joy, acceptance, environmental responsibility, equality, and empowerment. We are all committed to uplifting each other and those we do business with. I have expanded my salon to include additional beauty products that are healthy and cruelty-free along with carrying more locally made goods. I have included an impressive earring bar that boasts the handcrafts of many talented Minnesotans including Fond of That, Silver Cocoon, Curious Metals, The Ochre Stone, Elm Craft, and Ella Benton. Having Voula Vintage, Peach Tattoo, Duluth Midwife and Siri Styles all approach me at my time of transition made it easy for me to find ways of collaborating with other awesome folks!

Records by HALEY along with fresh Davines products

Open House: Saturday, Aug. 3, from 4-7 p.m. at 1132 E. Ninth St.
Instagram: @adelineofduluth

Plant Jewelry by Liya Luoma

Christina Livadaros of Voula Vintage and Adeline Wright

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