My Perfect Duluth Day

One of the many bands playing during the sidewalk day’s car show covered Tommy Seebach’s Apache. I’ve never felt so much bliss flow though my body while walking down superior street. It truly was a Perfect Duluth Day.



Mark Ryan

about 15 years ago

What made it really special was that I couldn't pause or advance through the video once I started it. I was forced to watch the entire thing.


about 15 years ago

I was unaware there is an Ewok version of this song.

Many, many other artists released  versions of Apache and of course it has been sampled frequently.


about 15 years ago

last night, when we stepped out of the Captain's shop to head down, i heard jay fosle's band playing "billie jean". heee - heee.


about 15 years ago

my daddy's in fosle's band, carolyn... so be nice..


about 15 years ago

i was! it was awesome!

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

"Ha ha" is making fun. "Heee - heee" is a tribute.


about 15 years ago

Someone posted a fan video on youtube for mogwai the sun smells too loud using footage from this video. I prefer that version.


about 15 years ago

Jay is my brother....oooh I get to tease him about playing a Michael Jackson tune!

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