Rolling Ruts: Inexpensive Golf Just Outside Duluth

If you aren’t particularly good at, or enthusiastic about, golf it’s hard to justify paying about $17 for nine holes, plus another $9 to rent clubs (especially if you’re paying for the whole family.)

Rolling Ruts offers the answer to casual golfers’ prayers. It’s basically free.

Located in the Fredenberg Township, Rolling Ruts is on private property — specifically, it’s in Vern and Ilene Anderson’s yard at the end of Olson Drive (Fire #6456).

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There is no charge to play, but you should bring a few bucks to donate to Vern and Ilene’s retirement.

You might also want to bring a few quarters to drop in the can next to the cooler if you feel like you need a refreshing soda pop. You should bring a few tees with you, as they can be hard to scrounge up, but there’s usually a bucket of balls available and plenty of old clubs suitable for a player of your skill level.

Obviously, there are no obnoxious carts to drive around; you’ll have to walk the course and get some exercise — it’s not like you can hit the ball very far in one shot anyway, right?

The important thing is, at the end of the day, you’ll have had a wholesome afternoon out, without feeling like you’ve buried yourself.



about 15 years ago

This is good. Does anyone else have good cute date ideas?


about 15 years ago

Possibly the best post, tidbit of information, story in the history of PDD. I shall make a pilgrimage.


about 15 years ago

That's it! I'll be golfing, golfing... golfing the day away.


about 15 years ago

The best part is the holes are the size of ice cream buckets. The second best part when I went there several years ago was that they had 8 holes instead of 9. The owners are super nice too (obviously).


about 15 years ago

Plus, if you catch him outside while you're swinging wildly at the ball (and missing it) he'll give you a few free pointers.


about 15 years ago

I love this place. I go at least once a week. Dont forget to whack the tank on 6.


about 15 years ago

There are some nifty looking links up north, just outside Buyck, worth checking out. They even have a tourney in June.


about 13 years ago

It's perfect for a family outing. We live it!

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

Eight years later update: Rolling Rutts appears to have ceased offering public golf in 2017.

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