old Mac cord?

My old mac cord (non-magnetic) gave it up. Does anyone have an old one they’d be willing to sell cheap? I’m in a pickle – once the battery goes on this, I’m done.
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about 13 years ago

I feel your pain and wish I could help. Mine gave out 1 day before the 3-year extended warranty ended, on a Sunday. I was able to call the apple store and get them to send me a new one free, but I had to return the old one to them.
You might try CW computer out west. Otherwise it's $80 + from apple. Ridiculous.


about 13 years ago

try ebay. You can get an offbrand one for less than $25. 



about 13 years ago

I laugh at your definition of old. I have nothing that new..


about 13 years ago

I got one thanks to the able & kind Ironic1. Kokigami: the last time I had my computer serviced they called it a relic. You're right; it's only as old as it feels. 

Thanks PDD world!


about 13 years ago

I think I have one.  I'll check back later.


about 13 years ago

lojasmo - one was generously donated, thank you kindly.


about 13 years ago


This is a solution for your PowerBook G3 Series (with or without Fire Wire), iBook (with or without Fire Wire), or iBook Special Edition (with or without Fire Wire) computer.

The 65W and 85W ones can be had for $80 at newegg also.

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