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brewhousegrowler48567It’s no secret that Fitger’s Brewhouse beers are outstanding, but what happens when you mix a bunch of them together?

Having recently had 11 different Brewhouse beers available at an event, I was faced at the end of the night with many growlers that had less than an inch of beer left. So a consolidation into one growler seemed like the best idea.

The answer to the question at hand is this: If Wildfire Lager is one of the beers involved in the mix, the mix will taste like Wildfire Lager.



about 13 years ago

Sold! I love that Wildfire.


about 13 years ago

if you're lucky you can get a black and tan out of the deal...though i've heard that the big boat doesn't float all that well.


about 13 years ago

...I don't doubt that. I bet you could taste a capful through a growler of mixed beers.  Very very potent stuff. Its funny to watch someone work through a whole growler of warm Wildfire while canoeing through the BWCA in June.  Not my style, but worth a photograph or two...


about 13 years ago

What about the Peace Coffee Stout?  I have a growler of that in my fridge thanks to Papa Rog.   Just waiting for the right night....


about 13 years ago

A friend of mine used to work for TPB back when they were in their old location in Itasca (the Choo-Choo bar).  They were dead in there most of the time so we would sit around most night he was working drinking frankensteins (every tap mixed together). I suppose the brewmaster would frown upon such an activity, but I thought it was great.


about 13 years ago

When my wife's Austrian relatives were visiting town a few years ago, I stopped at the Brewhouse with her uncle for a beer while we were out walking. 

I asked him what kinds of beer he liked and he said he preferred lager. Not being a lager guy myself, I'd never ordered Wildfire Lager, so did not know the secret of its name, so I ordered it for my companion. He dutifully put on a game face and said he enjoyed the beer, but I'm certain his Austrian palate was clobbered by the heat of that beer. He is both very polite and very uncomfortable speaking English.

He drank it while we sat outside, and I did notice that he put his sunglasses on, though we were sitting in the shade--perhaps hiding his tears of pepper induced pain. I did not know Wildfire's secret until recently when I tried a sample myself.


about 13 years ago

Sorry, I couldn't bring myself to destroy a beautful Witchtree ESB with any lager.


about 13 years ago

My favorite Brewhouse beer is the El Nino IPA. I wonder if it's double hopped goodness would show through some of the other beers...


about 13 years ago

Oh Wildfire, you dirty dog you!


about 13 years ago

Yeah baby.. record growlers in one evening (group catagory)11...personal best....4?  Greetings from Daytona.  no good beer in town......


about 13 years ago

El Nino and Witchtree are both my favorites. Tried Wildfire once -- that was enough for me. But I did like it. In small doses.


about 13 years ago

I've worked at the brewhouse on and off (mostly on) for last 8 years. I've had some really excellent beer and some not so excellent beer. If you want the flavor of a wildfire but can't handle a whole pint- put a shot of wildfire in the IPA! delicious...

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