Attn Duluth Bloggers

…and other folks creatively using e-technologies.

The Blandin Foundation and E-Democracy.Org are bringing an “unconference” to Duluth, April 3-4, 2009.

The unconference is supported through an online discussion for people using new media technologies to build community across Greater Minnesota.

Learn more and join from


Grizzly Smith

about 14 years ago

It's a shame the website doesn't appear to be working correctly.


about 14 years ago

Ok, I'm all for wiki-whatever, but when you sponsor an event why not AT LEAST put up some information. Sure it has the date and the place, but nothing about what it is except that it is an 'unconference'. By my definition of english that would mean to me that there won't be exhibition booths, no speakers, no free coffee and treats.

WTF people?? Someone got paid by the Blandin Foundation to put this driven online? Give the money back you thieving bastard.


about 14 years ago

'Drivel' not driven, sorry.


about 14 years ago

Uh...I take it this wasn't what was originally meant to be on that wiki page?

"Look forward to things like: Parking in the parking lot, walking on the lakewalk, open the door to the hotel, perhaps staying in the hotel where you will be treated to your own room that perhaps has a bed, a tv and a bathroom. No way! This is an unconvention, so all participants will be staying on the rock hopper 30 meters out in Lake Superior. Dinghys will be available for those who don't bring dry bags and underwater tents."

If it IS what was supposed to be there, I'm even more confused than I was before.


about 14 years ago

What the heck is an underwater tent?


about 14 years ago

Just ran across this post and the comments. 

Wow, my experience of their wiki was totally different. I found a lot of information including the definition of an unconference and a link to Wikipedia for more information, the conference agenda, how to register, that there will be a dinner and lunch - so chances are good they've got free coffee too. Check it out for yourself:

And I went to the Minnesota Voices Online link and see that over 100 people are talking about new media and social networking topics that will be brought into the unconference. 

It all sounds pretty cool to me - a freshing change from the usual conference format - and a far cry from drivel IMHO.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

At the time this post was originally made, the Wiki page didn't have much information and was totally confusing.

You are right, MissInformation, it makes much more sense now.

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