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For the benefit of the general public, I’m sharing the results of today’s research project, entitled Which Junkyard Will Take My Useless Old Car and What Will They Give Me For It?

There are several places that will take your car if you strip the gas tank off, drain all the fluids, etc.

If you want someone to take it as is, the closest place to Duluth is Calvary Auto & Salvage in the Rice Lake Township (4825 Rice Lake Road | 723-1294).

A little farther away is Chesney Auto Salvage in the Fredenberg Township (6250 Beaver River Road | 721-4874).

Both offered $50 for my 1990 Ford Taurus, on the conditions that I deliver it to them and bring the title.


My Taurus is somewhat notorious, but I thought it might make the 20-plus mile trip to Calvary Auto & Salvage.  I came pretty close, but stalled in the left turn lane on Arrowhead Road at Rice Lake Road. A tow truck was required to finish the job.

An important note: If you’re driving a car with steam pouring out from under the hood on your way to a scrapyard, the best radio station to listen to is 92.9 FM WSCD, which plays classical music.

P.S. No, I’m not going to write a rap song called “My Taurus was Notorious,” nor will I ever use the word “noTaurious.”



about 14 years ago

So did the tow charge cancel out your nifty $50 profit?  Or did Calvary tow it for free?


about 14 years ago

Or do you have AAA?  Which would only make sense if you were driving that car for as long as you did.  I always hated when I had cars at that stage of their lifespan.  Getting behind the wheel was like playing Russian roulette.  Where will I break down?  Freeway?  Nice sidestreet with parking?  I once overheated and blew my radiator right across the street from the radiator shop next to the 4th Street Market.  Another time my alternator went on East Superior St, and five minutes later a bus heading to West Duluth came by.  My luck wasn't as good when I broke down in Downtown Duluth and the only payphone I could find close by was in the Shish-Ka-Bar.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Calvary didn't have a tow truck available at the time, so Smokey's Towing handled the job. My insurance will cover that, so I still pulled in $50, but the mission took 45 minutes longer than it would have if the Taurus had the guts to make it to its final resting place on its own.

Tim K

about 14 years ago

I hope your TV is in better shape.


about 14 years ago

If it wasn't Earth Day & all, this might've been a glorious opportunity for a Viking funeral.


about 14 years ago

So, Mr. Rockefeller, what are you gonna do with the 50 bucks?

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Save it for a sunny day. Hey, it's looking pretty nice out there.

Todd Gremmels

about 14 years ago

I think all cars are pretty much garbage and they exist to fail!!!!!!!!!!!!

But oh what a feeling!!! TOYOTA!!


about 14 years ago

I'm convinced that it is 92.9, played nearly exclusively, that is actually persuading our car to keep driving. C'mon.... baby.

Jim Myers

about 14 years ago

You may be junking a gem.  Jay Leno predicts that the first generation Ford Taurus will become a future collector car.

"I think the first-generation Taurus, the forward-looking aerodynamic sedan, will be collectible too. That was seen as a real styling triumph in the mid-1980s. Almost anything built before today's government safety regulations could be collectible. In the future, cars lacking these systems will appear so odd to people"



about 14 years ago

You can also call Dave at Twin Ports Auto Parts at 1015 Elm Ave. in Superior at 715-392-4728. He likes late model stuff. He can also help you find nearly anything and will help you find your part from someone else if he doesn't have it.

greg cougar conley

about 14 years ago

I saw you driving that shit box when I was driving around for work.  Saw you on Arrowhead and Rice Lake Road intersection. What a ride!

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