Ely Announces Bid for 2016 Olympics



about 15 years ago

When did Ray Rachenburger move to Ely? Does that mean Doug Dougalson is there to or is Kitty-Brand Ray's new Ray's GM/PLP?


about 15 years ago

I wish Ely the best of luck in their endeavors!  This is a totally practical, and level-headed decision.  * insert LOL here *



about 15 years ago

They did the same thing last year for April Fools saying Ely was being sold to Canada.


Smart using April Fools to get some publicity for their city. Seems they are trying to make it a yearly tradition.


about 15 years ago

so what? you big city folks think we can't handle a little olympic games? 



about 15 years ago

....n'kay ....you turn the corner and there's an orcish pole vaulter wearing a head dress of human skulls ... what do you do?

I get my chainsaw and using my mukluks of dexterity I run around him chopping his pole in half ...

....n'kay , gimme a roll ...

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