Please be seated. Your server will be with you in about five hours.

Surely some of you noticed PDD was down for several hours today. It was the fifth time we’ve had problems with our server in the past two months, so naturally we’ll be taking our business elsewhere very soon.

We hope you won’t take your blogging elsewhere while these difficulties are sorted out.



about 15 years ago

Actually, it just reinforced for me how very much I appreciate PDD and how acclimated I have gotten to it.  In the immortal words of the 80s hair band Cinderella, "Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone."


about 15 years ago

I prefer those immortal words from Joni Mitchell. The Cinderella of the 70s with the great hair.


about 15 years ago

i currently can only read four posts. one of those has a url that goes across the whole screen. the "duluth songs" post ends with "vinnie and the," and i can't read any of the comments.

just so you know.

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

Things were running pretty choppy until 7:30ish. The site seems to be fine now, although I hesitate to make such a remark and screw everything up.


about 15 years ago

While I'm sure every computer nerd has their preference in web hosting provider... but to add my 4 pesos... I have had very good luck with Dreamhost (  Very easy to use... they're carbon neutral (to appease the new "green movement"), and relatively cheap...  I end up paying about $119/year.

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