RIAA\Record Companies Back in Duluth

Slashdot has a write up on some new, good news:

“Lest there be any doubt that District Judge Michael J. Davis, presiding over the Duluth, Minnesota, case, Capitol Records v. Thomas, really does ‘get it’ about the toxic effect the RIAA, its lead henchman Matthew Oppenheim, and their lawyers have had on the judicial process, all such doubt should be removed by the order he just entered (PDF). It removes control of the decision-making process from the RIAA, Oppenheim, and the lawyers. In the order Judge Davis spells out, in the clearest possible terms so that there can be no misunderstanding, that at the extraordinary 2-day settlement conference he has scheduled for later this month, each record company plaintiff is ordered to produce an ‘officer’ of the corporation, or a ‘managing agent’ of the corporation, who has corporate, decision-making, ‘power.’ The judge makes it clear that no one who has ‘settlement authority’ with any limits or range attached to it will be acceptable. This means that ‘RIAA hitman’ Matthew Oppenheim will not be able to control the settlement process as he has been permitted by the Courts to do in the past.”

Ars Technica sent a reporter to Duluth in 2007-scooping most MSM outlets-for some pretty extensive coverage. We’ll see if it happens again. (Not that the MSM terribly “gets it” either.)

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about 15 years ago

Ooh ooh, I have something to add on this topic!


RIAA can kiss my ass, your ass, and it's own ass... goodbye!

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