From the Those-Who-Cannot-Learn-History-Are-Doomed-To-Repeat-It Department

A helpful primer from the DNT letters section:

With all the news about the stimulus package, one thing no one has brought up is the theory of this package. It is taken from the 1930s by an economist named Cain and was the theory used for many years until the late 1970s or early 1980s recession….




about 13 years ago

Does that idiot mean Keynes?


about 13 years ago

wait a minute...were these idiots making this big of a stink when the Bush administration gave the big banks 800 BBBBillion so their CEOs could make their bonuses and throw a few "appreciation" parties?

and obama wants to actually send money on stuff we actually need...roads, healthcare and education...the three things that the Republicans thought we could do without.

yeah, he meant Keynes.  what an ass.

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