Google Streetview Update

In case anyone is interested, it appears there was recently an update to the Google Streetview images of Duluth and the surrounding area. It looks like it may be from early last fall. Check out if you’ve been inadvertently (or not) immortalized … or just creep on your neighbors.



about 11 years ago

I went to look for the updated image of my house north of Duluth, only to learn that apparently the Google Streetview cars go out at night, too:


A case of the wonders of technology being somewhat less than wonderful.


about 11 years ago

Cool, the image resolution looks much sharper now. And my street has now been added. It looks like most streets around town, even the long-ignored residential ones have been added.


about 11 years ago

Oh yeah, looks like it was shortly after the flood actually. There is still a lot of debris in certain areas. 

Actually, if you go from around 705 East Third Street to the 600 block it changes from post-flood to pre-flood.

And the current aerial view of the Co-op is post-flood.


about 11 years ago

They've got our neighbor's house labeled with our address and our house labeled with the address of the neighbor on the other side, but at least we had the lawn mowed when they went by.


about 11 years ago

Last September I pulled up behind a car with a very odd contraption on top.  There were decals on the car - one said Google Maps street view.  Here is a photo I took while waiting at the light. 


about 11 years ago

They fixed some of the roads that previously had what could be best described as a green bag over the camera. What's weird is that they drove right by my house as I was leaving some months ago, but I'm not in the street view. It seems they passed my house a second time in June, not long after the flood.


about 11 years ago

I think might know what time of year Google stopped by my house...


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